Decal Replacement

All replacement student decals will have a ten dollar ($10.00) fee attached to it. The fee will be billed to the corresponding student account.

Switching Residencies – If a student moves to a different dorm location or moves off campus, they must take their current decal off the back of their vehicle and bring it to the LUPD Records Office to receive a new decal valid for their new area of residence. Students will surrender the old decal to an LUPD Records Office Clerk.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are students to give their old parking decals to another individual as this would constitute a fraudulent use of a parking decal.  Students have 2 business days to update their vehicle registration information and obtain the appropriate decal for their current residence. Students are required to park according to the decal that they are currently registered with until the new decal is obtained. 

Damaged or Defective Parking Permits – If a decal (this includes temporary parking placards, hangtags and special parking passes) for a student or employee becomes damaged or defective because of the weather, motor vehicle accident, or other circumstance, the decal must be returned to the LUPD Records Office for a replacement permit. The new vehicle will need to be added online before going to the LUPD front desk to get a replacement permit. The old decal will be surrendered to the LUPD Records Office Clerk.  Failure to do so will result in fines towing, and other administrative actions.

Lost or Stolen Decals – If a parking decal is found to be lost or stolen, the operator of the vehicle decal is registered to, must come to the LUPD Records Office to file a report.  Individuals should provide as much information as possible in the report such as the date/time of the incident and a description of what happened to the decal.  If a vehicle has been totaled or sold, and the operator has failed to retrieve the decal on the vehicle to return to the LUPD Records Office, that decal will be considered lost and will result in charges for the replacement parking decal and other administrative actions if warranted.

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