Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who needs to register a vehicle?

    Answer:  Any motor vehicle (including motorcycles and mopeds) or bicycle operated or parked on property owned or controlled by Liberty University must display a valid Liberty University parking permit or pass. The type of permit or pass indicates the areas in which the vehicle must be parked. It is the responsibility of the individual student, faculty, or staff member to personally obtain any temporary parking permit.

    ALL employees, students, online students, online employees/faculty, vendors, contractors, construction workers and visitors bringing a vehicle on campus must obtain an appropriate permit on their vehicle. Employees and students must complete a vehicle registration on-line through Liberty University Police Department. This registration form sets forth certain RESPONSIBILITIES OF ALL EMPLOYEES AND STUDENTS concerning the operation of a motor vehicle on campus. Failure to receive/obtain/possess a copy of the regulations does not exempt a vehicle or persons from the penalties in these regulations. All vendors, construction workers, contractors, and visitors must go to LUPD to get their decal/pass.

  • Q: Why did my vehicle get towed?

    Answer:  Towing rules and regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While decal restrictions are lifted on weekdays between the hours of 4 pm and 4 am and between the hours of Friday at 4 pm and Monday at 4 am every weekend, all other rules and regulations are fully enforced. Any violation of the regulations subjects a vehicle to towing, impound, and immobilization. Specific No Parking and Tow Zones are marked on campus. However the absence of a sign does not exempt towing for any location on campus for any violation contained herein. OFFICIALLY POSTED SIGNS TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER THE TRAFFIC AND PARKING REGULATIONS.

  • Q: I am a student and a member of Thomas Road Baptist Church, can I park in TRBC, LCA, or ELC parking spaces?

    Answer:  Liberty University Police Dept. (LUPD) will enforce traffic and parking regulations on the property of Thomas Road Baptist Church, or any other related ministry. Parking in areas designated for TRBC, LCA, or ELC are reserved for those with the proper decal

  • Q: If I am an ELC student's parent, where do I park?

    Answer:  ELC (Early Learning Center) parents must park according to the Liberty University decal you were issued. ELC spaces to pickup/drop off are only for registered ELC student’s parent to pick up and drop off their student. The parent must have the proper hangtag issued by the Early Learning Center. Vehicles parked in this location more than a reasonable amount of time to pickup/drop off registered ELC students will be towed at the owner’s expense, despite proper displaying an ELC permit.

  • Q: Are Liberty University Police Officers certified with the state?

    Answer:  Yes. All officers are certified or licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. Police officers may issue Virginia summons for violations of Virginia law, including but not limited to: Reckless Driving, Hit and Run, and Driving under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs.

    Disrespect to a Police Officer, Emergency Services Officer or Parking Enforcement Officer; will result in disciplinary action from the Office of Community Life if a student. If an employee, disciplinary action will be taken through the office of Human Resources. Interfering with an officer in performance of their duty will result in a fine, a report, and possible criminal charges.

  • Q: What if something happens to my vehicle while on campus?

    Answer:  While the University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to private property, individuals so affect should contact LUPD so an officer can properly document the incident with a police report.

  • Q: I need to leave my car on campus while school is not in session, but I will not be in the area. What do I need to do?

    Answer:  You need to bring a copy of the key to the vehicle being left on campus, your vehicle registration, and your driver’s license to the LUPD Front Desk. Upon bringing your vehicle registration and spare key to the LUPD Front Desk; paperwork will need to be filled out and you will be instructed where to leave your vehicle on campus by LUPD. This should be done the business day of or before leaving the vehicle here. You should also retain a copy of your key for your own personal backup.

  • Q: I have a special circumstance; how do I obtain a special parking pass to accommodate my situation?

    Answer:  Variations from these regulations, or any special considerations, will only be granted by the Chief of Police or his authorized representative and should not be considered an entitlement.  All such requests must be in writing or an email; for student requests, an email must be sent from a faculty member, staff member, medical professional or other authority who is responsible for student seeking a variance or special consideration.  Bear in mind, due to the large volume of requests, individuals are strongly encouraged to address their circumstances using the normal parking permit process and the university’s ADA compliant transit services.  Requests that cannot be addressed in this matter will be considered on a case by case basis in lieu of need and parking availability.

  • Q: How do I pay a traffic or parking ticket?

    Answer:  The LUPD Front Desk can accept payment(s) by cash and check for any traffic fees or fines if a faculty or staff member can pay the exact amount of the levied fee and/or fine otherwise they will need to go to the Accounting Department.  Traffic or parking fines incurred by students will generally placed on the student’s account or can also be paid at the Student Accounts Office.

  • Q: What do I do when my vehicle has been towed?

    Answer:  Any vehicle found on campus to be in violation of traffic and parking regulations are subject to towing.  In the event that you believe your vehicle has been towed, the following guidelines should be followed:

    First, stay calm, don’t panic, and get the facts.

    Second, contact LUPD Dispatch at 434-592-7641 to confirm the vehicle was towed.  Bear in mind, the dispatch officer will only be able to confirm whether your vehicle was towed and a brief description of the reason for the tow.  Any further information will need to be handled through the Towing Appeal process.

    Third, if the vehicle was towed, the individual will need to go to Beeline Towing, pay the fee, and pick their vehicle up.  Their contact number is 434-239-5386.

    Fourth, if you believe your vehicle was improperly towed, an individual may file a towing appeal to seek remediation of the action taken.  Your towing appeal should describe the circumstances and reason for the appeal.  You may also include any documentation or pictures for consideration.  If you have any questions or need further assistance you may contact the LUPD Front Desk staff.

  • Q: I arrived at my vehicle while the towing company (Beeline) was just starting to tow my vehicle. Do I still need to pay the fee?

    Answer:  Yes. It is important to realize that once the towing company is on scene, the vehicle is in the hands of towing company NOT LUPD.

  • Q: How do I dispute a ticket I received?

    Answer:  The Liberty University Student Government Association / Student Court processes cases related to university tickets.  If you wish to appeal a ticket citation, you must submit a written appeal to the LUPD Front Desk who will in turn complete the necessary paperwork and forward your appeal to the appropriate individuals.

  • Q: How do I appeal a tow?

    Answer:  You must submit an appeal by printing out and completing the appropriate form. Once completed, this form should be turned into LUPD. Tow appeals must be submitted within 30 days from the date of the tow. This form can be obtained by accessing the following link:   The time taken to process a towing appeal depends on the complexity of the circumstances surrounding the towing action and the amount of appeals being processed by the department at the time an individual’s appeal is filed.  Towing appeals are generally processed in the order in which they were received by the Sergeant of the Administration Division.  When a towing appeal is filed, LUPD will assign a case worker to process the appeal.  By nature of this assignment, the case worker can request records and pictures, survey the area the action took place, and conduct interviews of those involved in the towing action.

  • Q: I allowed someone to park my vehicle and they were towed?

    Answer:  A person who receives a parking permit will be responsible for all traffic/parking violations received by the vehicle bearing that permit. This includes reckless driving violations, fines and towing. Therefore, we request that you do not allow another person to operate your vehicle unless you are willing to pay fines you did not incur.

  • Q: Who do I contact if my question is not answered in the Traffic and Parking Regulations?

    Answer:  For any questions please contact the LUPD Front Desk at or 434-592-7641.

  • Q: Can I register a vehicle that does not belong to me but is a student or employee's vehicle?

    Answer:  A person may NOT register a vehicle owned or used by another student or employee. Falsification of the registration information may result in the vehicle being BANNED from campus. Further disciplinary action for the parties involved in such deception may also be taken.

  • Q: Does obtaining a parking permit guarentee a convenient parking space?

    Answer:  Obtaining a parking permit does not guarantee a convenient parking space. Lack of a convenient parking space is not a valid excuse for violation of any regulation.

  • Q: Can I park on a curb, grass, sidewalk, crosswalk, fire lane, etc.? What if other vehicles are parking illegally?

    Answer:  There is no exception for vehicles parked on curbs, grass, sidewalks, roadways, crosswalks, fire lanes, etc. even if it is only for “a few minutes”. Vehicles must be parked between two lines or space markers on a paved parking lot and in a space that is not reserved or otherwise designated. Parking illegally will result in towing.

  • Q: Can I park for "a few minutes" in an area that says "No Parking"? What if there are no signs or ground markings?

    Answer:  Vehicles must be parked between two lines or space markers on a paved parking lot at all times. Parking illegally will result in towing. Specific “No Parking” and “Tow Zones” are marked on campus; however, the absence of a sign does not exempt towing for any location on campus for any violation contained herein.

  • Q: Is LUPD obligated to provide me with a "warning" or a phone call before my vehicle is towed?

    Answer:  The traffic and parking regulations are very clear in that any vehicle on campus found in violation of said rules is subject to towing and those in violation are NOT entitled to a “warning” or “phone call”.  Individuals who receive a warning or phone call in lieu of having their vehicle tow should not expect this as standard practice since such instances are rare.

  • Q: What happens if I registered my vehicle online and signed up for a parking decal but it did not arrive in the mail by the beginning of the school year?

    Answer:  In such cases, the student or employee will need to go to LUPD to get a temporary decal or issued a replacement decal. If the decal arrives after you receive the replacement decal from LUPD you must return the decal you received in the mail. “Not receiving a decal in the mail” does not absolve you of the responsibility of obtaining one from LUPD and properly placing it on your vehicle within the time requirements outlined by the University.

  • Q: I sold my vehicle and have a different vehicle I want to bring on campus, but I didnt get the decal off the vehicle I sold. What do I do?

    Answer:  When changing vehicles, individuals will need to remove and/or scrape the decal off even if it ends up in pieces and turn this in so the it can be removed from the active list of permits being used on campus.  If you did not take the decal off prior to the sale of the vehicle, you will have to go to LUPD and fill out a Decal Statement Report before being issued a replacement parking decal. There will also be a nominal charge on your account to cover the costs associated with the new decal and processing the transfer in our system.

  • Q: I went home for break and brought my parent's vehicle back instead of the vehicle I had registered. What do I do?

    Answer:  You will need to have your parents remove the decal and send it in to LUPD even if it ends up in pieces. This prevents the parking decal being reused by another individual.  LUPD can at their discretion issue a temporary permit to provide an individual time to get this accomplished.  There will also be a nominal charge on your account to cover the costs associated with the new decal and processing the transfer in our system.

  • Q: I decided to not bring a vehicle on campus but have already received a decal. What do I do?

    Answer:  In this particular case, you will need to bring your decal back as soon as possible since refund for returned parking decal are credited to your account on a “pro-rated basis”.   “Don’t wait until the end of the semester to return your unused decal, returned late in the school year as you will be credited for the remaining period the decal was not used and it denies LUPD the opportunity to reissue that permit to someone else who could use it.  If you fail to bring the decal back, you will be charged and no credit will be issued.  Refunds to individuals return parking permits will be credited back a prorated amount calculated from the date LUPD receives the decal.

  • Q: Can I give my decal to a friend to use?

    Answer:  NO!  If a decal is found on a vehicle that is not registered to the decal; the vehicle will be towed due to fraudulent use of a decal; a report will be completed and the individuals may be subject to other administrative actions as well.

  • Q: I am a parent visiting and I want to use my student's vehicle while I am visiting. 

    Answer:  You must go to LUPD to get a special pass for parents to use a student’s vehicle during their visit.  The other option would be to park in the areas where your student’s decal is valid.  Vehicles will be towed if parked in the wrong lot without the proper decal or special pass.

  • Q: I was in the bookstore and I was towed. Can they really tow me if I am in the bookstore?

    Answer:  Yes. The bookstore is located in the Speakman lot which is reserved for Zone 1 decals and Carpool from the hours of 4:00 am– 4:00 pm.  Students, Faculty, and Staff are required to park where the parking permit requires them to and any other decals other than Zone #1 and Carpool are NOT allowed to park at the bookstore during those times.  There are reserved spaces for the bookstore that students can use to pick up books at the back of the building.  Any vehicle found in the bookstore area that is not in the bookstore WILL be towed.

  • Q: I was towed from the Pavilion parking lot even though I was only inside LaHaye Student Union for a few minutes to work out. 

    Answer:  All commuter and employee permits are allowed to park in any legal parking space in the LaHaye Parking Lot from 4:00AM to 9:00AM, Monday thru Friday.  This allowance has been made to provide for a time for individuals to make use of the facilities in this area of campus.  However, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM parking in this area is restricted to the Zone #2 parking permit with violations being subject to towing.

  • Q: I am an online student or online faculty. Do I have to buy a decal?

    Answer:  ALL employees, students, online students, online employees/faculty, vendors, contractors, construction workers and visitors bringing a vehicle on campus must obtain an appropriate parking permit. Online students or faculty who visit campus on “an infrequent basis” is at the discretion of LUPD.

  • Q: I have a handicap condition and the proper handicap credential. Can I park in any handicap space on campus or do I have to park in a handicap space i nthe parking lot that my decal is assigned to?

    Answer:  Yes.  Liberty University provides ADA compliant transit service throughout the university campus facilities.  Handicap individuals can only park in a handicap space where their decal is assigned during those times when parking permit restrictions are in place.  Handicap permits found in other lots other than what their parking decal authorizes will be subject to towing.  Handicap individuals should consider this condition when registering their vehicle and obtaining a parking decal that best suits their needs and then park accordingly.

  • Q: I have an injury and/or health condition that requires me to have handicap parking even though i do not have a proper handicap credential? Can LUPD write me a temporary hanicap permit to accommodate this short term condition?

    Answer:  The conditions and issuance of handicap permits are not a function of LUPD but are generally issued by the Department of Motor Vehicle in the respective state where the vehicle driver has established their residence.  The determination of whether a handicap permit is issued to an individual is usually determined by the individual’s attending physician who completes the appropriate paperwork and then on to the respective Department of Motor Vehicles to issue the permit.

  • Q: I had my vehicle for Fall semester but will not be returning for it in the Spring semester. What do I do?

    Answer:  You will need to return your decal to LUPD so a refund can be processed.  Refunds are processed on a “pro-rated” basis and you will be credited for the remaining period the decal was not used.  If you fail to bring the decal back; you will be charged and no credit will be issued.  “Don’t wait until the end of the semester to return your unused decal, as credits for returned decals are calculated on a “pro-rated” basis and late returns often impact the amount of refund that you receive even if you didn’t use the decal.  The prorated amount of credits are calculated from the date LUPD receives the decal.

  • Q: Can I ask a police officer or place a call into the dispatch officer and ask them for directions on where I can park?

    Answer:  Yes.  You can but you need to keep in mind the following conditions.  While Police Officers and dispatch officers do have some knowledge related to parking conditions on campus, it is still important to realize that dealing with parking issues on campus is not one of their primary responsibilities.  Verbal guidance related to parking is often times specific to an event taking place on campus or it may be also be affected by seasonal considerations.  At any rate such verbal guidance can be misunderstood between parties which is why LUPD has provided all the university’s traffic and parking regulations online for individuals to access via the Internet and/or their cellphone devices.  Additionally, ADA compliant signs are also posted throughout campus for individuals to reference prior to making any parking decisions.

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