Ticket Appeals

Submitting Appeals

All appeals must be submitted to the LUPD Record’s Department within seven days of receiving the ticket. 


Appeal Instructions

Put your full name, mailing address, and Liberty ID number in the places designated on the top of the yellow copy of the ticket. Write the reason you believe the ticket should be appealed on the back of the ticket. All appeals must be submitted in writing in order for the appeals officers to review them.  Moving Violations are reviewed by Student Traffic Court after the appeal is received by LUPD.


Appeal Decisions

In order to be fair to each student, every appeal is thoroughly researched in detail by an appeals officer. Because of this and other responsibilities of the LUPD Records Department, the time to review each appeal varies. When the appeal has been reviewed, and the paperwork processed, a copy of the decision is mailed to the corresponding mailing address, email, or Liberty Box.

Not all appeals submitted will result in a reversal of the citation charges. 

Decisions made on all appeals are final.