Parking Violations & Chargeable Offenses

Parking of a Vehicle - Vehicles must be parked between two lines or space markers on a paved parking lot. The fact that one motor vehicle is parked in such a manner as to occupy more than one parking space is not an acceptable excuse for another vehicle to do the same. This includes all motorcycles and mopeds.

The same rules pertain to motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and bicycles shall not be parked in a building or within 10 feet of a building unless a parking area has been designated.

If you are unable to find a space in your designated lot or lots, overflow parking will be located on East Campus in Zone 4.


Habitual Violators - After towed 5 times; students or employees found to be habitual violators are subject to have their parking status changed to Restricted Parking and must park in the lot specified at the time of the restriction. The operator of the vehicle will be notified that they have been identified as a habitual violator and must go to the LU Police Records Department for a meeting that will set out their reduced parking status and any other necessary administrative actions. They will need to return their current parking decal for a Restricted Parking decal and be informed where they must park. If a student continues to violate the Liberty University Parking Rules and Regulations, their vehicle will be banned from campus, and driving privileges on campus lost. 

Freshman students that are identified as habitual violators will lose their driving privileges for the semester. If the student wishes to return with their vehicle during a new semester, another meeting must be held to decide if the banned decision and loss of driving privileges will be lifted.


Chargeable Offenses - It is not possible to mark with signs or paint all the areas of University property where parking and/or stopping is prohibited. There are many instances where towing, and/or other administrative actions, will be strictly enforced including, but not limited to, the following list.

  • Without a valid permit
  • In double-parked situations
  • In reserved spaces without a proper permit
  • In “No Parking” areas, or blocking doorways
  • In loading zones (unless actually loading or unloading), service entrances, or construction areas
  • On the lawn, sidewalks, or crosswalks
  • In parking lot driveways
  • Straddling painted lines
  • Exceeding the time in time-limited areas
  • In areas where the permit is not valid
  • Adjacent to or over yellow lines or curbs
  • In or adjacent to fire lines or within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
  • In building, including entries, stairs, rooms, or halls (bicycles and motorcycles)
  • In any roadway or lane of traffic
  • Outside a marked space in any parking lot
  • Illegal parking in a handicap space
  • Failure to report a change in license plate
  • Improper display of decal
  • Possession of a counterfeit, altered, lost, or stolen parking decal; fraudulently using a permit; or fraudulently using or in possession of another’s decal + appropriate disciplinary action
  • Moving barricades, traffic cones, or other traffic control devices for parking or to drive through an area
  • Not registering a vehicle within the allotted time
  • Performing non-emergency repairs
  • Parking in a Tow Zone
  • Parking in front of a sidewalk access ramp