Parking Registration and Fees

Any vehicle owned or operated on campus MUST have a current Liberty University Parking Decal properly displayed on that vehicle. Failure to do so can result in towing, and other administrative actions.

Liberty University Parking Decals or Visitor passes are ONLY issued through the Liberty University Police Department. “Authorization” from other departments to park on campus without a decal should be disregarded.


Registering and Receiving a Parking Decal

Visit the parking decal Web page for vehicle registration, including the payroll deduction form* (if an employee) and electronic signature.

The following documents are required to register a vehicle:

  • Valid Driver’s license of person registering the vehicle

Student decal classifications will be based on the place of residence and birth date.  See Parking and Regulation Fines for a full list of decal classifications.

A parking decal is valid only for the vehicle to which it was issued. Any vehicle using a decal that was not issued specifically to that vehicle will be considered fraudulent use and is subject to towing, and other administrative action.

A person may NOT register a vehicle owned or used by another student or employee. Falsification of the registration information may result in the vehicle being BANNED from campus. Further disciplinary action for the parties involved in such deception may also be taken.

A person who receives a parking permit will be responsible for all traffic/parking violations received by the vehicle bearing that permit. This includes reckless driving violations, fines and towing. Therefore, we request that you do not allow another person to operate your vehicle unless you are willing to pay fines you did not incur. VEHICLES THAT VIOLATE TRAFFIC REGULATIONS WHERE THE OFFICER IS UNABLE TO STOP THE VEHICLE AND IDENTIFY THE DRIVER DUE TO PEDESTRIANS, TRAFFIC, OR A SAFETY HAZARD CREATED BY A HIGH SPEED PURSUIT WILL RECEIVE THEIR CITATIONS THROUGH THE MAIL. A REPORT WILL BE SENT TO THE STUDENT AFFAIRS OFFICE, AND ALL APPEALS COURT PERSONNEL INVOLVED. ALL APPROPRIATE FINES WILL BE ASSESSED AND CITATIONS ISSUED TO THE IDENTIFIED OWNER, WHETHER OR NOT THEY WERE OPERATING THE VIOLATING VEHICLE.

Any vehicle found on campus unregistered and owned or operated by a student or employee will be assessed the appropriate fees by the LUPD Record’s Office. This will include the following

  • Vehicle Registration Fee, as if they had registered their vehicle voluntarily
  • Late Registration fee if the vehicle isn’t registered within 2 business days of being operated on campus (and other possible administrative fees).
  •  In cases where LUPD has to match records with the Department of Motor Vehicles or other outside agency, another $30.00 fine will be assessed.

If the registered owner has the license plates of their vehicle changed at any point during a semester (summer included), they must

  • Fill out a new Vehicle Registration Form online
  • Bring a copy of the completed form to the LUPD Records Office with the new vehicle registration and their driver’s license within two business days. 

Failure to do so can result in fines, towing, and other administrative action. See Parking Regulations and Fines for further information.


Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary Use Vehicles - If a student, Faculty or staff member drives a vehicle on campus for temporary use that is not already registered with LU Police Department, they must obtain a temporary parking permit from the LU Police Records Office to park that vehicle on campus. The student, Faculty or Staff member may only obtain one free temporary parking permit for a length no longer than seven days within one semester (unless the vehicle is brought on campus during the last three weeks of any semester, in which case a registration fee of $25 will be assessed). If there are extenuating circumstances, the student, Faculty or Staff member should contact the Liberty University Police Records Office to discuss what action should be taken regarding their temporary vehicle.

Intensives - Students or Faculty with a vehicle on Liberty University Property for a Liberty University Online or Residential Intensive must obtain a temporary parking permit from the LU Police Records Office if they didn’t receive one by mail.  The registration for the vehicle and the student’s or Faculty members driver’s license are required to do so. If they are driving a rental vehicle, they must bring to the LUPD office the documentation showing the vehicle’s license plate information (this information may be found on the rental agreement or keys) and their driver’s license. LU Online students that are not employed by Liberty University may also receive a commuter decal with no registration fees attached. Should a LU Online Student or Faculty member have their vehicle towed while on campus, they are responsible for the charges attached to that tow. See Parking Regulations and Fines for a more detailed description of Chargeable Offenses.

Visitors - Any visitor that comes to Liberty’s Campus with a vehicle must obtain a temporary permit from the Liberty University Police Records Office or alternate site.  Alternate sites will be located at the Hancock Welcome Center, Law School and at the Welcome Desk at the Main Entrance to Green Hall.


Placement of Decals and Temporary Parking Permits

All Liberty Parking Decals must be permanently affixed to the outside of the rear windshield, in the bottom left-hand corner (driver’s side) of the vehicle registered to that decal. 

  • All decals are to be placed “right-side up”. 
  • The edges of the decal nearest the bottom and left edges of the rear windshield should be no greater than one inch (1”) from the bottom and left edge of the window pane. 
  • Placement of the decal elsewhere subjects the registered owner of that vehicle to being cited by LUPD, local, and state police. 
  • Placement of the decal on the inside of the rear windshield is not acceptable.

Convertibles and Soft Tops – Should a vehicle have a convertible top, soft top, or removable cap, the decal must be placed on the back side of the rearview mirror, facing out so that it can be seen from the outside of the front windshield of the vehicle. Vehicles for which the location of the decal (as described above) is not physically possible due to the vehicle’s configuration should contact LUPD’s Records Office for further instruction. 

Motorcycles, Mopeds, and Scooters – All Liberty Parking Decals issued to a motorcycle, moped, or scooter must be placed on the left front fork.   The decal must be clearly visible from the front of the vehicle. If the location of the decal is not physically possible due to the vehicle’s configuration, the operator must contact the LU Police Records Office for further instruction.

  • All mopeds and/or scooters must be registered with the City of Lynchburg before bringing it on campus. Mopeds must be at least 50ccs in order to be registered with the City of Lynchburg and operated on campus. The operator is required by law to wear a helmet with a face shield or a helmet and goggles. Contact LUPD or LPD (Lynchburg Police Department) for further information and regulations regarding driving these vehicles in the City of Lynchburg and on Liberty’s Campus.  Motorcycles, Mopeds, and Scooters are required to be parked in a valid parking space.

Bicycles – All bicycles must be registered with LUPD. A decal will be issued with no registration fees attached and should be placed on one of the rear forks or behind the seat area. The decal must be clearly visible from the rear of the bike. Bicycles should be parked only in authorized areas where bike racks are provided. (Using bicycle locks are highly recommended for the safety of the placement of bicycles on such racks). Bicycles are not allowed in any building entranceway and will be removed at the owner’s expense. Bicycle operators must obey all traffic rules and regulations.

Temporary Parking Placards and Hangtags – A temporary parking placard or authorized special parking pass or hangtag must be placed on the front dash of the vehicle it is registered to, on the left (driver’s) side or hung from the rearview mirror if a hangtag. The placard or hangtag information must be clearly visible from the outside of the front of that vehicle. If the placard/hangtag is not on the vehicle dash or rearview mirror as instructed, or the information is not clearly visible, the vehicle will be in violation and subject to fines, towing, and other administrative action.  A placard/hangtag may not be altered or defaced in any way; altering or defacing the placard/hangtag will classify it as counterfeit. If a temporary parking placard or special parking pass needs to be updated or changed for any reason, contact the LU Police Records Office for further instruction.


Lost or Stolen Decals, and Other Decal Replacements

All replacement student decals will have a five dollar ($5.00) fee attached to it. The fee will be billed to the corresponding student account.

Switching Residencies – If a student moves to a different dorm location or moves off campus, they must take their current decal off the back of their vehicle and bring it to the LUPD Records Office with their vehicle registration and driver’s license to receive a new decal valid for their new area of residence. They will fill out a new Vehicle Registration Form (online) and bring it to the LU Police Department, Front Desk, and surrender the old decal to a LU Police Records Office Clerk.  Students have two business days to update their vehicle registration information and obtain the appropriate decal for their current residence.  Students are required to park according to the decal that they are currently registered with until the new decal is obtained.

Damaged or Defective Decals – If a decal (this includes temporary parking placards, hangtags and special parking passes) for a student or employee becomes damaged or defective because of the weather, motor vehicle accident, or other circumstance, the decal must be returned to the LUPD Records Office for a replacement decal. A new Vehicle Registration Form will need to be filled out online and printed before going to the LU Police Department office.  The LU Police Records Office will require the operator to present their driver’s license and vehicle registration to a Records Clerk in order to receive the ne decal.  The old decal will be surrendered to the LU Police Records Office Clerk.

 Lost or Stolen Decals – If a student or employee decal is found to be lost or stolen, by the operator of the vehicle it is registered to, they must come to the LU Police Records Office to file a report regarding that decal. They should provide as much information as possible in the report: date and time of the incident and a description of what happened to the decal. If a vehicle has been totaled or sold, and the operator has failed to retrieve the decal on the vehicle to return to the LU Police Records Office, that decal will be considered lost. The operator will also be required to fill out another Vehicle Registration Form on-line, print, and present the form, driver’s license and vehicle registration, to receive a replacement decal.


Registration Fees

Annual Registration Fees are listed below. All full-time residential students are required to pay the fees that apply to them if they have a vehicle on campus. A student that is also classified as an employee must be classified as full-time, benefited in order to receive a decal at employee cost.  If there is any confusion or special circumstance regarding these employee/student classifications, the student/employee should contact the LUPD Records Office for further explanation and instruction.

* The price for carpooling is charged to the leader of the carpool group, as designated on the Liberty University Student Carpool Application Form. Liberty University holds no responsibility to divide the price between the carpool participants’ accounts; it is the responsibility of each carpool group to determining who will be responsible for the cost of the decal.

Registering More Than One Vehicle - Students who live in a residential hall and register more than one vehicle must display a current parking decal on the rear window of each vehicle and will be required to pay the full price of the decal if purchased at the beginning of the fall semester. Commuter Students, Faculty and Staff must display a current decal on the rearview mirror of the vehicle that they operate on campus.  Only one of these vehicles may be on campus at one time.

  • Employees who register more than one vehicle must bring all registrations with them to LUPD when registering their vehicles. They need to fill out the online Vehicle Registration Form with all of their vehicles’ information and receive their decal on a hangtag. If the faculty or staff has a standard vehicle and a motorcycle, they will be issued one decal for their standard vehicle (on a hangtag if there is more than one standard vehicle being registered) and another decal for (each of) their motorcycle(s), moped(s), or bicycle(s). They will be required to pay the full price of the decal for each motorcycle or moped.  A faculty or staff member may not obtain any type of decal for another family member or relative.

No Longer a Student or Employee - If a student withdraws within the first month of classes, during any semester, the decal must be returned to the Liberty University Police Records Office. Once the decal is received by LUPD, a credit will be made for the unused portion of the parking decal, minus a $10 processing fee. No refunds will be made after the first 30 days from the beginning of the semester.             

If a full year is paid in the fall semester of any given year, and the student or Employee does not return for the spring semester (because they have graduated, withdrawn, transferred schools or is no longer employed by the university), the student or employee must return their decal to the LUPD Records Office. Upon returning a student decal, a refund will be made to the student’s account for the unused portion of that decal. Employee decals must be returned at the time of termination.  No refunds will be made for such reasons after January 31.

Temporary Parking - There will be no charge to a student who has a vehicle on campus for “less than seven days” during any semester (unless this occurs during the last three weeks of that semester, in which case a registration fee of $25 will be assessed). If the student brings the vehicle on campus for more than one “less than” seven day occurrence, they will be charged the full registration fee as designated above. The student must register the vehicle with the LU Police Department and obtain a temporary parking permit. Failure to register the vehicle for use during this period may result in parking fines, towing, and other administrative action. This must be done within two business days of bringing the vehicle on campus.


Habitual Violators

Students or employees found to be habitual violators are subject to have their parking status changed to Restricted Parking and must park in the lot specified at the time of the restriction. The operator of the vehicle will be notified that they have been identified as a habitual violator and must go to the LU Police Records Department for a meeting that will set out their reduced parking status and any other necessary administrative actions. They will need to return their current parking decal for a Restricted Parking decal and be informed where they must park. If a student continues to violate the Liberty University Parking Rules and Regulations, their vehicle will be banned from campus, and driving privileges on campus lost. 

Freshman students that are identified as habitual violators will lose their driving privileges for the semester. If the student wishes to return with their vehicle during a new semester, another meeting must be held to decide if the banned decision and loss of driving privileges will be lifted.