How Liberty University Does Assessment

The process of assessment involves the whole institution.  Each entity, curricular and co-curricular develops purpose statements, measurable objectives and in most cases, measurable learning outcomes, which serve as a guide to assess effectiveness and efficiency. 

In 2007, Liberty University instituted the concept of Assessment Coordinators within departments.  These individuals coordinate assessment activities and reports throughout each academic year.

In Fall 2009, Liberty University instituted the WEAVEonline, a web-based assessment management system. This system helped us develop and track assessment, strategic planning, and budget planning processes and results across the entire institution.  It allowed us to demonstrate to our stakeholders and accreditors that we are effective and efficient. 

In 2012, Liberty University partnered with CampusLabs® and implemented Compliance Assist®, an assessment management system. This is a comprehensive system that facilitates the establishment of purpose statements; defining of objectives and learning outcomes; identifying measures for the objectives and learning outcomes; setting achievement targets; establishing action plans for change and improvement with projected budget implications; as well as improving statistical gathering, analyzing and reporting of all assessment information.

Training in Assessment

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness provides training for Compliance Assist® and other various aspects of assessment and assessment technology to the curricular and co-curricular departments.  The office also provides support in the analysis and evaluation of assessment data.

University Wide Assessment

The University has established a rotating cycle for administering the national, benchmarking satisfaction instruments—Noel Levitz, NSSE, PSOL.  In addition, an annual assessment day each year allows for the entire student body to be assessed in areas of core competencies, worldview, and other broad curricular and co-curricular areas.    

Assessment at Liberty University

Assessment at the University occurs on several levels and through multiple means. Ultimately, all assessments are tied to the University’s mission, which calls for programs to develop students “with the knowledge, values, and skills essential to impact the world.” Specifically, students are expected to demonstrate their fulfillment of educational program learning outcomes that reflect knowledge, values and skills appropriate to their chosen disciplines. For both residential and online students, the mission is carried out through comparably rigorous academic programs. The assessment process results in changes which produce improvements.

Liberty University identifies expected outcomes, including student learning outcomes, for its resident and distance education programs. The University assesses whether it achieves these expected outcomes, makes improvements to its educational programs based on the analysis of assessment results, and gathers and provides evidence of improvements based on analysis of results.

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