Assessment Calendar

Deadlines for Assessment in All Schools and Colleges 2016-17


Training Sessions

2016-2017 Planning and Assessment Orientation (Deans, Associate Deans, Chairs, and Assessment Coordinators)

September 14 – 10:15 a.m-11:30 (School of Music 180)

Assessment Coordinator Training (Required)

August 22— 1:30-3pm (GH 2562) – Required: All New Assessment Coordinators Optional: Deans and Chairs
October 19-20 (time and place-TBA) – Required: Assessment Coordinators
February 16-17 (time and place-TBA) – Required: Assessment Coordinators


Responsible Party


Program Learning Outcomes
Complete PLO Designs for Cluster 1 (2017-2018 designs) Assessment Coordinator

February 28, 2017

Report findings and action plans for Cluster 3 Assessment Coordinator May 31, 2017
Syllabi Review
Syllabi Review Report for 2nd third syllabi reviews to IE and CCD Assessment Coordinator and Chair February 15, 2017
Student Course Evaluations
Student Course Evaluation Summary (LUR and LUO) Chair and Dean May 31, 2017
Assessment Day
Departmental plans for Annual Assessment Day and Measures Assessment Coordinator December 9, 2016
Assessment Day Individual Departments March 29, 2017
Report Findings for Assessment Day Results Assessment Coordinator May 31, 2017
Faculty Evaluation
Portfolio and Annual Update Form Submission and Data
  • April 15 – Deadline for all Faculty to certify completed Faculty Portfolio (Faculty CV and Self-evaluation)
  • May 31– Chair reviews/comments on all Faculty Portfolios
  • June 30 – Dean review/comments on all Faculty Portfolios
Promotion Portfolio Submission
  • October 1 – Faculty Member completes Faculty Online Promotional portfolio
  • October 14 – College/School Promotional Committee evaluates Faculty Promotional Portfolio.
  • October 30 – Dean evaluates Faculty Promotional Portfolio.
  • November 15 - Provost evaluates Faculty Promotional Portfolio.
  • December 1 – Congratulatory letters are mailed from Provost Office
Program/Major Reviews
Program Reviews

Distribution of Training

August 29-31, 2016

Completion of Parts A & B

November 10, 2016

Completion of Parts C & D

February 28, 2017

Completion of Parts E - H

April 7, 2017

Program Review submitted to Dean

April 21, 2017

Program Review submitted to IE May 31, 2017
Alumni Survey
Department Specific Alumni Survey Questions Submission to IE Assessment Coordinator September 2, 2016
Strategic Plan findings entered into Planning Dean, Associate Dean, or designee May 31, 2017
Summative Reports
Annual Report (Executive Summary and Departmental Improvements) Chair May 31, 2017