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Liberty alumnus encourages students to live a life free from sin

February 9, 2009 : By Dominique McKay

Dr. Randy Rebold, LU alumnus and seven-time Emmy award winning songwriter and producer, spoke on Monday at Liberty University’s convocation with a message to students on how to live a sinless life.

Rebold, who is a frequent convocation speaker at Liberty, began by emphasizing that many Christians are easy targets of temptation because they feel they are powerless due to sin. He said sin, like smog, packs itself into the daily lives of Christians until it becomes unnoticeable.

“We get so used to [sin] and numb to it just like the smog coming in, that we don’t even realize it [is there],” he said.

Citing 1 John: 8-9, Rebold told students that instead of continuing to ask God for forgiveness, they should first begin confessing their sins to God. He said this is how they can live a life of sinless perfection.

Rebold closed by telling students that sin is covered by God’s forgiveness and the response of confessing their sins and turning away from them will save them from death, as is written in James 5:18-19.
“There is a way out. You can have a multitude of sins covered. You listen and you respond and God will forgive you,” he said.



Rebold graduated from LU in 1976 with a degree in youth work and was ordained in 1980 at Thomas Road Baptist Church. He is the president/founder of Primary Focus, an organization that sends teams of college-aged young people to perform musical assemblies at elementary schools throughout the United States. The teams teach positive choices and key principles to building character. When Primary Focus is not in schools, it is performing as Living Proof, with a contemporary Christian concert format, at churches. 

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