International Internship - Application Process

International Internship Application Steps


Criteria for Acceptance into Programs

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA (Higher for some locations and programs)
  • Minimum of 24 credits completed by program date (sophomore, or higher grade level)
  • Good standing with the Office of Student Affairs
  • Adequate financial resources and/or financial aid to cover necessary expenses
  • No outstanding balances on student account at Liberty University
  • Signed Liberty Assumption of Risk and Participation Agreement
  • Passport copy (current for at least 6 months beyond program end)

Please refer to each partner organization for requirements within the individual programs.

Application Instructions


  1. Please take time to research and review international internship programs.
  2. Questions you may want to consider:
    1. What region or country would am I most drawn to intern abroad?
    2. Cost of program
    3. Program focus (Does the program offered meet the requirements for my internship and related to my academic field of study?)
    4. Available terms (Spring, Summer or Fall)
    5. Scholarship availability


Contact Us

  1. Please contact us by email to schedule an appointment with LU Send.
  2. In your email please include:
    1. First & Last Name
    2. Year and Semester you wish to intern abroad (i.e., Spring 2020)
    3. Your year (by credit) that you will be when interning abroad (i.e., Junior)
    4. Major, concentration and any minors (i.e., History Major - Concentration in European History - French Minor)
    5. Desired locations (i.e., France and Belgium)
    6. Desired program (i.e., ISA or Independent Program/Organization)
  3. Please allow up to 48 hrs from the time to send your email for a staff member to respond.


After your First Advising Meeting:

  1. Meet with your Academic Department to review the international internship. During this meeting, be sure to review the internship details for credit approval.
  2. Submit an application for the program of your choice.
  3. Submit your Liberty University International Internship online application by finding your desired program and clicking "Apply Now" on this site. 
  4. Submit a recommendation to Community Life for review regarding your conduct history at Liberty through the online application.
  5. Schedule a second meeting with the Office of International Education & Internships to review courses to take while abroad to have approved by the Registrar and/or your Department.


After your Second Advising Meeting

  1. Submit a completed Course Approval Form to Registrar. This will be submitted by your Study Abroad Advisor on your behalf after your second meeting.
  2. Schedule an appointment with a Study Abroad Financial Aid Counselor, taking note of any details regarding loans, grants, or available scholarships.


After Acceptance from your Affiliate Program and Liberty

  1. Log into your application and commit to your intern trip noting that you assume all responsibility that comes with doing so. 
  2. Complete all post decision questionnaires, signature documents and material items.
  3. Pay your application fee for Liberty
  4. Pay your International Internship fee through the Study Abroad payment portal


Prior to departure

  1. Be sure all passport and visa details are valid (not expired) and accurate.
  2. Complete financial check-in
  3. Attend the pre-departure meeting. Dates, times and locations will be given via email to all students who are committed to their study abroad programs