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News and Events

Seminary Banquet Tickets Now On Sale

The Seminary Banquet is a semi-formal dinner event held each year for seminary students, graduates, alumni, and their families. This year's speaker will be the current SBC President, Dr. Fred Luter, and will be held at Tresca on 8th, located in downtown Lynchburg (corner of Commerce and 8th). This event is a great time to meet professors, enjoy a meal with fellow LBTS graduates, and celebrate the commencement weekend. All residential and online students are encouraged to attend. Seating is very limited; Order your tickets today.

Date: May 8th

Time: 6-9pm

Attire: Semi-formal

Tickets: $5 (Plus $1 service fee)* // tickets must be purchased though Liberty University Ticket Office. Ticket conformation must be printed and presented for entry into the event.  Ticket sales end May 2nd, or when event is sold out.

*No children under the age of 10. Childcare will not be provided for this event.

Shuttle Transportation To Main Campus

In addition to the bus system provided by Liberty University and the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company, LBTS offers a shuttle service that runs directly to main campus several times throughout the week. This service will begin on Feb 26th and continue until the last week of class.


Depart 701

Arrive at Main Campus

Depart Main Campus

Arrive at 701





















* Please note there is no Monday shuttle service
** Schedule is subject to change

LBTS Study Tour to Israel: May 31-June 11

In summer of 2014 LBTS is offering a study tour to Israel! You can tour the Holy Land and receive graduate credit. Space is limited so sign up quick! More information can be found on the Israel Study Tour page.

OBST 605: Genesis - Evening Intensive

Dr. David Pettus
Nov. 4-8 and Nov. 11-15 from 6:00-8:30 p.m.

This course is nn examination of Genesis with particular emphasis on the major themes and events: creation, flood, patriarchal narratives, and the Abrahamic Covenant. Attention will be given to significant historical and archaeological details relative to the cultural milieu as well as to crucial theological concepts found in key chapters in the book.

Sign up on ASIST!

New Courses Available

Beginning fall 2013, there are several new courses available at LBTS:

CHHI 510 Survey of the History of Christianity
DSMN 610 Family Discipleship
GLST 698 Global Studies Practicum
HOMI 635 Preaching for Special Occasions
HOMI 670 Preaching from the Old Testament
HOMI 675 Preaching from the New Testament
SEMI 500 Introduction to Seminary Studies
WMIN 500 Introduction to Ministry for Women
WMIN 520 Biblical & Theological Foundations for Women in Ministry


Course Name Changes

Starting this fall, several of our courses are changing their designation. These changes will better help students understand the content of each course, and how this course fits into their graduation requirements. New DCPs will be available shortly, but for those students working off old DCPs the chart below will help identify the course name changes.

 Old Course Number 

 New Course Number

 New Course Title 
APOL 560 APOL 525 Pluralism and World Religions
CHHI 662 CHHI 610 Historical Development of Christian Theology
CHHI 657 CHHI 620 History of Global Christianity
CHHI 654 CHHI 650 Classical Reformation
CHHI 685 CHHI 655 Free Church History and Thought
CHHI 692 CHHI 660 American Christianity
CHHI 694 CHHI 665 History of Baptists
CHHI 686 CHHI 670 History of Evangelicalism
CLED 510 LEAD 510 Biblical Foundations of Leadership
CLED 520 LEAD 520 The Life of Leaders
CLED 610 LEAD 610 Team Leadership and Conflict Resolution
CLED 630 LEAD 630 The Art of Developing Leaders
CLED 695 LEAD 695 Directed Research in Leadership
CLED 698 LEAD 698 Christian Leadership Practicum
DSMN 505 LEAD 505 Church Administration
DSMN 601 HOMI 601 Ministry of Teaching
DSMN 620 LEAD 620 Mission, Vision and Strategic Planning
EVAN 550 EVAN 505 Introduction to Church Planting
EVAN 565 EVAN 525 Contemporary Evangelism
EVAN 660 DSMN 660 Leading the Healthy, Growing, Multiplying Church
GLST 531 GLST 525 Introduction to Islam
GLST 657 GLST 620 History of Global Christianity
GLST 680 RTCH 680 Research Methods
GLST 689 THES 686 Thesis Project Proposal and Research
GLST 690 THES 690 Thesis Defense
HOMI 501 HOMI 500 Preparation for the Sermon
HOMI 611 HOMI 605 Expository Preaching
HOMI 610 HOMI 660 Great Preachers and Their Preaching
NBST 525 NBST 510 New Testament Introduction
NBST 521 NBST 515 New Testament Orientation I
NBST 522 NBST 520 New Testament Orientation II
NBST 652 NBST 610 Hermeneutics
NBST 651 NBST 611 Life of Christ
NBST 655 NBST 615 John
NBST 670 NBST 616 Acts
NBST 688 NBST 617 Romans
NBST 675 NBST 618 The Corinthians Correspondence
NBST 677 NBST 620 Pastoral Epistles
NBST 654 NBST 621 Hebrews
NBST 679 NBST 623 I and II Peter
NBST 682 NBST 625 Revelation
NGRK 506 NGRK 505 Greek Language Tools
NGRK 500 NGRK 520 Beginning Greek I
NGRK 501 NGRK 525 Beginning Greek II
NGRK 660 NGRK 643 Greek Exegesis: Galatians
NGRK 657 NGRK 644 Greek Exegesis: Ephesians
NGRK 670 NGRK 645 Greek Exegesis: Philippians
NGRK 654 NGRK 646 Greek Exegesis: Colossians
OBST 590 OBST 510 Old Testament Introduction
OBST 591 OBST 515 Old Testament Orientation I
OBST 592 OBST 520 Old Testament Orientation II
OBST 605 OBST 650 Genesis
OBST 615 OBST 655 Joshua-Kings
OBST 620 OBST 659 The Poetry of the Old Testament
OBST 610 OBST 660 Psalms
OBST 633 OBST 661 Isaiah
OBST 635 OBST 662 Jeremiah and Ezekiel
OBST 638 OBST 663 Daniel
OBST 642 OBST 664 Pre-Exilic Minor Prophets
OTCL 510 OTCL 520 Beginning Hebrew
OTCL 530 OTCL 620 Hebrew Syntax
OTCL 635 OTCL 650 Hebrew Exegesis
OTCL 638 OTCL 660 Aramaic
PLED 520 DSMN 520 Spiritual Formation
PLED 625 LEAD 625 Ministry Matters: Preventing Ministry Failure
PLED 635 LEAD 635 Theology of Pastoral Ministry
PLED 695 LEAD 695 Directed Research in Leadership
PLED 697 LEAD 697 Seminar in Leadership
PLED 698 LEAD 698 Practicum in Pastoral Leadership
PLED 699 LEAD 699 Internship in Pastoral Leadership
THEO 501 THEO 601 Patristic and Medieval Christian Thought
THEO 502 THEO 602 Renaissance and Reformation Christian Thought
THEO 503 THEO 603 Modern and Contemporary Christian Thought
THEO 680 RTCH 680 Research Methods
THEO 689 THES 689 Thesis Project Proposal and Research
THEO 690 THES 690 Thesis Defense


The New Faculty Blog

Now you can see what the LBTS faculty has to say about a variety of subjects outside of the classroom. Check out the LBTS Blog for the latest insights into the topics you face everyday! 

“The new issue of Eleutheria (Vol. 2, Issue 1) is now available for download through our Digital Commons page. This issue contains articles relating to the areas of missiology, exegesis, Christology, and epistemology. We trust you will enjoy these publications and appreciate the hard work that has gone into them.

View Digital Commons

In addition, Eleutheria is now accepting papers for review from any graduate student studying in the areas of Theology and Philosophy, Scripture and Interpretation, and Church and Mission.  Papers will be considered from any of the above areas.  For more information on previous issues, how to submit, the areas of specialization, the review process, being a reviewer, submission guidelines, journal leadership, etc., please go to the Eleutheria website.

The mission of Eleutheria is “to glorify God through the publication of excellent graduate student scholarship from an evangelical perspective in the areas of Theology and Philosophy, Scripture and Interpretation, and Church and Mission.”  The journal is entirely led, edited, and peer-reviewed by graduate students and overseen by a Faculty Advisory Board.  The journal is supported by Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary but welcomes all graduate students to participate and submit manuscripts.

To submit a paper, follow the “Submit Article” link on the Eleutheria website. Decisions on papers will be reached within four months of submission. For more information on Eleutheria, please contact Chad Thornhill, Managing Editor.”