Residential Courses - Judaic Studies

The following courses are offered as part of a minor and a concentration in Jewish Studies for the B.S. in Religious Studies and the B.A. in Theology and Apologetics or as electives through the School of Divinity. Registration can be completed through ASIST or the Registrar office.

Current & Upcoming Courses - Fall 2015

The Jewish Temple in History and Prophecy BIBL 433The Jewish Temple in History and Prophecy
FALL 2015 (3 cr.)

BIBL 433 / GOVT 433
Dr. Randall Price

This course is an introduction to the historical, archaeological, and theological significance of the Jewish Temple and its various forms in the Bible. The course will also explore the religious and political issues related to the modern Temple Mount. Fall 2015 Syllabus

Israelology Seminar BIBL 431Israelology
FALL 2015 (3 cr.)

BIBL 431
Dr. Randall Price

A systematic study of Israel and the Jewish People as a central and defining feature of biblical theology. Consideration will be given to the importance and central role of Israel’s biblical covenants, Israel’s relationship with the church and Israel future in the divine program. Fall 2015 Syllabus

Other Jewish Studies Courses

Biblical Archaeology BIBL 471Biblical Archaeology
Spring 2016 (3 cr.)

BIBL 471 / HIST 497
Dr. Randall Price

An introduction to the science of archaeology as it relates to biblical history, biblical and theological studies, apologetics, and political issues in the region. Students will understand the purpose, history, theories, and methodology of archaeology in the lands of the Bible, the apologetic use of archaeology in defending historical and theological concerns and how archaeology is employed in the modern controversy regarding territory in the Middle East. Students will also learn the significance of major excavations and artifacts that illustrate and corroborate the history of the Bible in both Old and New Testament as well as the Intertestamental Period.

Middle East Conflict in Biblical Perspective THEO 450 / GOVT 450 The Middle East Conflict in Biblical Perspective
Spring 2016 (3 cr.)

THEO 450 / GOVT 450
Dr. Randall Price

This course traces the causes, development, consequences and outcome of the Middle East conflict from a biblical and Christian Zionist perspective. The relevant historical and biblical texts will be examined with respect to Israel’s conflict with the nations past, present and future and the contemporary interpretation of the conflict within Christianity.

Messianic Prophecy BIBL 432 Messianic Prophecy
Fall 2016 (3 cr.)

BIBL 432
Dr. Randall Price

An exegetical study of the Old Testament prophecies concerning Messiah and their fulfillment in the New Testament. The course will also interact with standard Jewish objections relating to Jesus’ messianic claims and examine ancient and modern Rabbinic interpretations of selected messianic prophecies. Key Old Testament passages will be examined along with their New Testament fulfillment.