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Divinity Ministries

Divinity Centers and Ministries

Discover how you can minister to others locally and globally. Opportunities are waiting for you in Divinity Centers like Asian Ministries and Youth Ministries, and other campus ministries. Each provides an outlet where you can practically apply what you're learning in the classroom to the real needs on campus, in our community, and in the world.

You can also train further in your targeted area of study through Centers like Apologetics & Cultural Engagement, Judaic Studies, and Chaplaincy. Grow in your understanding of the Bible, biblical history, and how to practically apply your knowledge to your career.

Center for Apologetics & Cultural Engagement 

Learn how to express and defend your faith with clarity and conviction. The Center for Apologetics & Cultural Engagement (ACE) can teach you how to engage culture and address today's biblical, theological, and philosophical questions.

Apologetics & Cultural Engagement 

Center for Asian Ministries 

Apply your divinity studies to the needs of Asians on campus and in the world. Come and help facilitate on- campus Asian fellowships, assist in training those who want to serve in Asian ministry, and learn how to take your own ministry training to Asian cultures. 

Asian Ministries

The Rawlings School of Divinity also provides many ministries that target our Korean students. Fellowship and support is offered through the Korean Students Fellowship, 701 Korean Church, and the Korean Language Assistance Program. 

Korean Ministries

Center for Chaplaincy

Get the education and programs you need for all your chaplaincy training. Our innovative curriculum along with our distinctive commitment to chaplaincy research, publication, and dynamic outreach will teach you how to effectively minister in our nation’s armed forces as well as in other chaplaincy settings.


Center for Judaic Studies and Liberty Biblical Museum

Gain a clearer perspective of the Jewish people and the modern State of Israel as you prepare for Christian ministry or service. The Liberty Biblical Museum will give you insight on the historical and cultural background of the Jewish people over a 4,000-year period through our unique educational collection of authentic biblical-era artifacts.

Judaic Studies and Liberty Biblical Museum

Center for Youth Ministries

Called to work with youth? The Center for Youth Ministries will equip you through passionate teaching and dynamic training giving you the tools you’ll need to effectively minister to teens. Learn how to successfully work with youth through the practical preparation and mentoring that our center provides. 

Youth Ministries

Additional Campus Centers and Ministries

Center for Ministry Training

Receive practical experience through a large variety of ministry opportunities like traveling ministry teams, evangelism outreach, and discipleship groups. The Center for Ministry Training will help connect you with the applied ministry opportunities you're looking for.

Center for Ministry Training

Center for Global Engagement

Gain a global perspective that reflects God’s love for all nations. The Center for Global Engagement will show you how to effectively expand your outreach through academic programs, cross-cultural internships, short-term teams, and a variety of other resources and mentorship opportunities.

Center for Global Engagement

Liberty Godparent Home

Providing housing to young women facing unplanned pregnancies, the Liberty Godparent Home shares God’s unconditional love and mercy with those in need through classes and counseling. Our goal is to help each woman become morally sound, mentally strong, physically independent, and spiritually courageous.

The Liberty Godparent Home was founded in 1982 and is a division of the Liberty Godparent Foundation, a non-profit organization. The home accepts young women between the ages of 12-23 who are less than 20 weeks into their pregnancies. 

Liberty Godparent Home