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Thomas D. Ice

Thomas D. Ice, B.A., Th.M., Ph.D.
Executive Director of The Pre-Trib Research Center
Associate Proffesor of Theology


  • Campus Minister with Campus Crusade for Christ, 1975-77.
  • Reserve Military Chaplain in the Army National Guard, 1981-1990.
  • Pastor for 15 years: 
    Grace Bible Church, Del City (OKC), Oklahoma, 1980–1984. 
    Oak Hill Bible Church, Austin, Texas (Founding Pastor), 1985–1994.
    Pastor–Teacher of Trinity Bible Church of Fredericksburg, Virginia (Founding Pastor), 1997–1998. 
  • Ex. Dir. of the Pre-Trib Research Center, Lynchburg, Virginia, 1994–present  
  • Faculty at Liberty University & Seminary, Lynchburg, Virginia, 2005-present.
  • Adjunct faculty at Tyndale Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas, 1997-present.
  • Adjunct faculty at Chafer Theological Seminary, Orange, California
  • Editor of a periodic publication for the Pre-Trib Research Center: Pre-Trib Perspectives.
  • Founder of Biblical Awareness. Ministries, Inc. Editor, for five years (1988-1992), of Biblical Perspectives, Temple Times, and Dispensational Distinctives newsletters published bimonthly by Biblical Awareness Ministries dealing with contemporary trends and issues within Christianity from the Biblical viewpoint.
  • Dominion Theology: Blessing or Curse? [co-authored], Multnomah, 1988.
  • A Holy Rebellion: Strategy for Spiritual Warfare [co-authored], Harvest House, 1990.
  • Ready to Rebuild: The Imminent Plan to Build the Last Days Temple [co-authored], Harvest House, 1992.
  • Contributor to Issues in Dispensationalism [editor, Charles Ryrie], Moody, 1994.
  • Contributor to Basic Theology Applied [essays honoring Charles Ryrie], Scripture Press, 1995.
  • Contributor to What On Earth is a Dispensation?, Tribune Press, 1995.
  • Contributor to Vital Prophetic Issues, editor Roy Zuck, Kregel, 1996.
  • Contributor to The Dictionary of Premillennial Theology, Kregel, 1997
  • Editor and contributor to When the Trumpet Sounds: Today's Foremost Authorities Speak Out on End-Time Controversies , Harvest House, 1995.
  • Contributed three articles to Dallas Theological Seminary's journal Bibliotheca Sacra
  • Contributes articles regularly to Tyndale Theological Seminary's journal The Conservative Theological Journal
  • The Truth About The Pre-Trib Rapture, in the Pocket Prophecy Series (PPS), Harvest House, 1996.
  • The Truth About The Tribulation, (PPS), Harvest House, 1996.
  • The Truth About The End-Times Temple, (PPS), Harvest House, 1996.
  • The Truth About The Antichrist, (PPS), Harvest House, 1996.
  • The Coming Cashless Society. Harvest House, 1996.
  • The Truth About Jerusalem in Bible Prophecy, (PPS), Harvest House, 1996.
  • The Truth About The Millennium, (PPS), Harvest House, 1996.
  • The Truth About 2000 A.D. & Predicting Christ’s Return, (PPS), Harvest House, 1996.
  • Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy, Harvest House, Summer 1997.
  • The Truth About Signs of The Times, (PPS), Harvest House, Fall 1997.
  • The Truth About Heaven and Eternity, (PPS), Harvest House, Fall 1997.
  • The Truth About Armageddon and The Middle East, (PPS), Harvest House, Fall 1997.
  • Contributor to The Nelson Study Bible , Thomas Nelson, 1997.
  • Prophecy Watch. Harvest House, 1998.
  • Contributor to Fore-Warning [editor, William T. James], Harvest House, 1998.
  • The Truth About America In The Last Days, (PPS), Harvest House, 1998.
  • The Truth About The Second Coming of Christ (PPS), Harvest House, 1998.
  • Co-author, The Great Tribulation: Past or Future? Kregel, 1999.
  • Editor and contributor to The Return: Understanding Christ’s Second Coming and the End Times, Kregel, 1999.
  • General Co-Editor of Tim LaHaye Prophecy Study Bible AMG Publishers, 1999.
  • Co-author of What The Bible Teaches About Spiritual Warfare, Kregel, 2000.
  • Co-author with Tim LaHaye, Charting The End Times Harvest H., 2001.
  • Co-author with Tim LaHaye, Charting The End Times: Prophecy Study Guide Harvest H., 2002.
  • Contributor to Revelation Hoofbeats, Xulon Press, 2003.
  • Co-editor and major contributor with Tim LaHaye, The End-Times Controversy: The Second Coming Under Attack Harvest H., April 2003.
  • Co-author with Mark Hitchcock, The Truth Behind Left Behind: A Biblical View of the End Times Multnomah, March 2004.
  • Co-author with Tim Demy, Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy: From A to Z, Harvest House, March 2004.
  • Major contributor to The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy, Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson, editors, Harvest House, 2004.
  • FORTHCOMING: author of The Case for Zionism: Why Christians Should Support Israel and the Jews, Balfour Press, Fall 2005.
  • Founder, editor, and writer for Biblical Perspectives, 1988-92.
  • Written numerous other articles for many evangelical publications.
  • Currently editor and writer for Pre-Trib Perspectives, monthly publication.
  • Currently Monthly Contributor to Arno Froese’s Midnight Call.


  • TBN's "Praise the Lord" & "Joy"
  • CRI's "The Bible Answer Man"
  • CBS "60 Minutes"
  • "The John Ankerberg Show"
  • Marlin Mouddox's "Point of View"
  • Hal Lindsey's "Week in Review"
  • "Janet Parshall's America"
  • "Air America"
  • "Bob Larson Live"
  • "Beverely LaHaye Live"
  • "Zola"
  • "Tim Kimmel Live Show"
  • "The King is Coming"
  • "Worship"
  • "At Home-Live"
  • "Al Denson Show"