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Creative Arts Team

Meet the Creative Arts Team

Creative Arts Team

The Creative Arts team is a part of YouthQuest that contains guys and girls who are exceptionally gifted in drama, comedy and media arts and are devoted to serving the Lord with their talents. The team uses comedy as an icebreaker for getting to know students as well as and more importantly a way to open a door for the Gospel. The team also uses their ability on stage to present biblical truths to students, such as God’s love.

Brett Schultz

Creative Arts Team Leader
Nick Schultz


YQ E-mail:
Hometown: Franklin, North Carolina
Year: Junior
Major: Theater Production
Why YQ? I have a heart for teenagers and seeing them understand the Truth of the Gospel. I believe that a great way to communicate God's Word is through building relationships with students and simply showing them the love of Christ. YouthQuest has been a great way for me to do that while combining my passion for students and ministry, as well as my love for improv and drama.

Caleb Fogleman

Erika Fifelski


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Hometown: Martinsburg, West Virginia
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science
Why YQ? I felt called to the ministry with YouthQuest to use my talents in a new way for God's glory. Ultimately, I am working to provide the example that in everything, I must decrease and He must increase.

Morgan Robbins

Creative Arts Team Member
Amber Carden


YQ E-mail:
Hometown: Middlesboro, Kentucky
Year: Freshman
Major: Biomedical Science
Why YQ? YouthQuest is allowing me to be a part of a kind of ministry that I love. Working with young people and being able to pour into their lives is a blessing in itself.




Peter Johnson

Creative Arts Team Member
Brett Schultz


YQ E-mail:
Hometown: Farmville, Virginia
Year: Sophomore
Major: Youth Ministry
Why YQ? I believe that God called me to YouthQuest by having multiple people encouraging me to audition. I had no idea that this is what I wanted to do, but I felt God was leading me into this direction. To my surprise, I made the team! I have a huge heart for youth and I am excited to travel and share the gospel with the youth where it is desperately needed!

Sarah McManus

Creative Arts Team Member
Tameca Fowling


YQ E-mail:
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
Year: Junior
Major: TESOL Education
Why YQ? I am so humbled that God has given me the honor of working with YouthQuest. I believe that it is my duty as a disciple of Christ to use every blessing that I've been given for the advancement of His Kingdom. I have a passion for young minds and ministry and YouthQuest has given me an opportunity to live out what I love! I praise God for all that He's teaching the team and any child that we interact with.