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What does a typical YouthQuest DNOW event look like?

Because our goal is to be an extension of the discipleship that is already taking place in your student ministry, the weekend is very much shaped by you! We are there to take the lead once everything is planned out, but we will work with the student minister to mold the weekend to be an event that benefits your students most. With that being said, you can expect services to include hilarious Improv comedy sketches, dynamic worship, and Bible-centered teaching. Between these services, our team will provide small groups, workshops, and various other activities that will focus on unifying your students and making The Gospel clear to them.


What does a typical YouthQuest Rally (worship service) look like?

A typical rally will include all three aspects of our ministry. First, our Improv team will get students laughing with us as they perform hilarious comedy sketches and games. Then we will move into worship where students will be given an opportunity to freely praise God through music and singing. Finally, one of our Discipleship Team preachers will give a Bible-centered message pertaining to our weekend theme. Youth Ministers are welcome to add any other aspects of programming to the service or make requests if they have a need that our team can provide.


Why do you bring your own small group leaders?

Although nothing can compare to a consistent and faithful small group leader that is already present within the church, we have found that there is something about connecting with a person that will only be around for a short period of time that makes it a little easier for students to be honest about their personal lives and to open up about struggles. Allowing our team members to be the small group leaders for the weekend opens up the opportunity for those kinds of relationships. And although our team won’t be there to consistently council students through their struggles, we see it as our job to point them back to the real "heroes", youth pastors, leaders, and parents. We take steps to make sure these leaders are aware of what is going on in the lives of their students.


What is Improv?

We begin each YouthQuest rally with Improv comedy. Our Improv team will use ideas from the audience to come up with hilarious sketches on the spot, no script or rehearsal involved! This tends to break down the walls between the stage and students, getting students to trust our team and be more open to the message we are communicating. Improv also brings about a special joy to students that may be going through other struggles and just need a chance to laugh with their friends. Our Improv team is also available to perform dramatic skits per the youth minister’s request.


What are workshops?

Provided and taught by our Discipleship Team, workshops are various breakout sessions that are gender specific and focus on issues that many teenagers are currently dealing with (identity, body image, lust, acceptance…etc.). Students can identify which workshop fits best with their own needs and choose between the options available.


What are small groups like?

We like to keep each group small, usually between 4-7 students depending on the nature of the event. Small groups will be taught by one or two of our team members and will take place either at the church after each service or in the host homes on Friday and Saturday night. Our team will have material based off of each sermon that they will go over with students consisting of thought-provoking questions, forcing them to dig into God’s Word for answers. This is also a time where students can feel comfortable in discussing challenges they are facing or asking questions about God and faith.


Is YouthQuest specific to a certain denomination?

While Liberty University is affiliated with the Southern Baptist convention, we are open to doing ministry with any Bible-believing evangelical church.


How much does it cost to have YouthQuest at my event?

Pricing is based off of the travel distance from our campus. For more details on cost, please email Sebastian Hernandez at sshernandez@liberty.edu.


Can I combine with other churches for a YouthQuest event?

Absolutely! We actually encourage student ministers to consider this option. There are many benefits to combining with other student ministries. Besides the opportunity for student ministers to work together to pay for the event, we also find that it can bring a community into greater unity by participating in a Christ centered conference together. Our hope is that, through combining with other churches, your students can find fellowship with other Christians in their schools and areas.


Does your team do one night events/school assemblies?

One night events and school assemblies usually take place during our Spring Break tour in March. While we prefer to stick to the DNOW format throughout the academic year, we are open to scheduling one time rallies when our schedule permits.


How can I book YouthQuest for my event?

You can contact our Student Director, Sebastian Hernandez, at sshernandez@liberty.edu or (434)-592-3754.


How can I join YouthQuest?

YouthQuest tryouts are open to any residential undergraduate student at Liberty, as well as to incoming freshmen. Initial interviews/auditions for the 2016-2017 team will take place in February of 2016. Specific dates will be announced on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/LUYouthQuest, once we get closer to that date.


What is the audition process like?

You can choose to try out for one, two, or all three of our sub-teams. Team leaders will begin with an in depth interview that will focus on your relationship with Christ, your testimony, your ability to present the Gospel…etc. The next step is an essay interview that will ask you to go more in depth with these subjects and will ask some specific ministry related questions. After this, you will have a talent audition so that our team leaders can assess your ability and potential. The last step is a final interview with the team leaders and Student Director.


Why do you do auditions this way?

We place a high value on both character and competency. We believe that passion and spiritual maturity is as important, if not more important, as talent. Because of this, we try to get to know all auditionees on a personal and spiritual level before we assess their skills.

Please contact Sebastian Hernandez if you have any additional questions.

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