100 Series - biblical worldview (bwvw) Courses

General Description of the Biblical Worldview (BWVW) Courses
These classes are designed to establish undergraduate students in the Christian worldview, and to equip them to apply it through a biblically centered decision making process in relation to various contemporary issues. It is also intended to introduce students to the basic principles of Christian responsibility and church and community life and service. All new and/or transfer undergraduate students must sign up for these classes during their first two "full time" semesters at Liberty. Advisors will also help students register for these classes when they register for their other courses.


This course is designed to aid the student in the development of a biblical worldview. This will involve an introduction to critical thinking, an evaluation of contemporary moral philosophies, and an affirmation of absolute truth. Students will be challenged to integrate a biblical worldview into their Christian/Community Service.
BWVW 101 is a Prerequisite for BWVW 102

This course is a study of contemporary moral issues encountered by students in their Christian/Community Service. Students will be challenged to evaluate these issues and understand their responsibilities to them in light of a biblical worldview.
Prerequisite: BWVW 101