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Congresswoman Michele Bachmann visited the Center for Judaic Studies and the Liberty Biblical Museum

Rep. Michele Bachmann and Dr. Randall Price at the Liberty Biblical Museum

"It was an incredible blessing to tour the Liberty Center for Jewish Studies and Biblical Museum. I urge everyone to visit this important historical treasure where exciting archaeological discoveries demonstrate not only the accuracy of the Bible, but bring the truths of Scripture to life."
-- Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

The Authentic Last Supper Exhibit

The Authentic Last Supper Exhibit
Our new exhibit is opening just in time for the Passover/Easter season that focuses on the events of the final hours of Jesus' life and His message to His disciples and us all. The Authentic Last Supper exhibit features a restored Upper Room complete with a Roman-Judean triclinium table set with the type of vessels that would have been at the original Last Supper. These 54 vessels are genuine first-century Herodian period artifacts. Also on display as a window view from the Upper Room is a painting of the Temple Mount on the eve of the Passover. Also included in the exhibit are genuine artifacts representing the events surrounding the Last Supper such as 30 pieces of silver, crucifixion nails, a Roman spear point, and an alabaster oil jar. It is hoped that those viewing this exhibit will enter into the reality of the Passover/Easter events and strengthen their faith through an understanding of the authentic setting of the Gospel account.

Last Supper Temple PaintingThe faux window looks out on a view of the lower western city of Jerusalem and the Herodian Second Temple Mount from the perspective of the setting of the original Upper Room used by Jesus and His disciples in the upper city. The painting of this first-century scene was executed by Liberty University Studio and Digital Arts student, Miss Christine Kidd. Miss Kidd (a native of Scottsville, Va.) is a Studio Art major with a minor in Graphic Design. Following her graduation this May, she plans to continue pursuing her passion for traditional representational art.

The exhibit will re-open soon at our new location at the Jerry Falwell Library for individual viewing from 10AM-4:30PM daily and for groups by special appointment.

For additional information please contact Mrs. Ayelet Evans or
(434) 592-3249.

"Temples and Priests in Israel and the Ancient Near East" Exhibit

May be available soon at our new location...

The Temple and priesthood fill the pages of both the Old and New Testaments and are essential to an understanding of the history of Israel and the life of Jesus and the worship of the early Jewish-Christian church. Although the last Jewish Temple was destroyed 2,000 years ago, archaeology has unearthed significant remains from the ancient structure and artifacts related to its ritual service. In addition, there is a larger background of temples and priestly practice in the nations that surrounded Israel that contributes to our knowledge of the Jewish Temples and its sacrificial service.

A new exhibit at the Center for Judaic Studies offers Liberty faculty and students an opportunity to view some of this archaeological evidence. Located in the display window in DeMoss hall 1134 (near the Sub Connection), an important collection of artifacts spanning 4,000 years brings ancient cultic practices to life. Included in the collection is an ornamented stone that was once a part of the Second (Herodian) Temple (the one that Jesus knew), incense stands and libation vessels that may have been used in the time of Solomon’s Temple, incense shovels from the time of the Second Temple, marble statues of priests offering sacrifices from the pagan temple at Tell Marduk (Ebla) in Syria, and various coins depicting the Jerusalem Temple, the temple of Artemis in Ephesus (from the time of St. Paul), and portraits of the Roman rulers who destroyed  the Second Temple in A.D. 70. There are also photographs, diagrams of the ancient temples, as well as replicas of deities from pagan temples in the Greco-Roman world.

Group Visits:

While the artifacts are labeled for self-touring, if a class or group wish to have a fuller explanation of the exhibit they can make an appointment for Dr. Randall Price to provide a brief tour by contacting Mrs. Ayelet Evans at or (434) 592-3249.