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Worship Team

Meet the Worship Team

Worship Team

The worship team consists of seven members with hearts devoted to honoring God. Our desire is to worship God as a lifestyle and not just from the stage. We seek to lead students in a creative expression of worship through music. We do not desire to entertain but to play music that will affect lives. We pray to be a vessel that the Lord uses to speak to students.

Luke Beavers

Worship Team Leader - Guitar & Vocals
Nathaniel Gray


YQ E-mail:
Hometown: Eden, North Carolina
Major: Music & Worship
Why YQ? I believe that middle school and high school students are full of potential. I believe that God wants them to follow Him, and He wants to use them to do things that only they are capable of doing. YouthQuest is a way to share the Gospel of Jesus with these students, and encourage them to follow Jesus with all of their heart, soul mind and strength.


Caleb Blair

Kyle Smith


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Hometown: London, Kentucky
Year: Sophomore
Major: Worship Studies
Why YQ? YQ is a great opportunity to serve students and churches.  We get to serve people and point them towards Christ; why not?

Mikaela Robbins

Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Chelsea Cline


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Hometown: Middleborro, Kentucky
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Why YQ? My journey on YouthQuest has so far been one that I will never forget. God has graciously opened the door to me to be able to do two things that I am passionate about all at once, worship, and discipleship. Not only is worshipping our Savior and working with youth a blast, it is also an honor, and an opportunity that has grown me in my walk with God as we are helping grow others. I'm grateful for the YouthQuest ministry!

Kinshiro Shimochi

Electric Guitar
Jared Rohrer


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Hometown: Miami, Florida
Year: Senior
Major: Youth Ministry
Why YQ?  I know with all that I am that God has put in me a passion and deep desire to serve students. The opportunity to steward God's love and grace to students by way of ministry is something that I couldn't say no to. 

Matt Morrisey

Dan Quartuccio


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Hometown: Burlington, North Carolina
Year: Senior
Major: Worship
Why YQ? I believe that YouthQuest is an amazing opportunity to display the love of God to teenagers. My hope is for this team to do just that, and to make much of Jesus. 

Lance Fletcher

Bass Guitar
Bryce Morris


YQ E-mail:
Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
Year: Sophomore
Major: Worship Artistry & Songwriting
Why YQ? The youth of our nation are at a very influential point in their lives. I believe God placed me on Youth Quest so that I may be a positive role-model for this generation. A lot of young people are living destructive lifestyle because of the negativity in this world. Youth Quest may be the only reveler of God's light in their lives.

Sam Swaim

Sound Technician
Scott Sheppard


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Hometown: Lincoln, Alabama
Year: Senior
Major: Worship Technology
Why YQ? I love youth and youth ministry. I love worshiping God and leading students in worship.  Being a part of a team of people with the same passion for youth and youth ministry is indescribable. YouthQuest is the perfect opportunity to serve and to continue to be obedient to God's calling on my life.  I hope to see students come to know Christ and to gain a deeper knowledge of him through this ministry and cannot wait to see what God has in store for this year!