Discipleship Team

Discipleship Team

The Discipleship Team is a group of devoted, God-seeking students committed to serving our Lord, the churches we visit and each other in a way that glorifies Christ. Our team has prepared and studied workshops on a number of issues youth face and battle every day, which we make available every weekend to every church. Our goal is to work with the church so as to increase the knowledge of the youth and promote the benefit of applied knowledge to ultimately glorify God. We want to love you, hang out with you and help you grow towards a true and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

Grant Ketron 

Discipleship Team Leader & Speaker


YQ E-mail: gketron@liberty.edu
Hometown: Harrisonburg, Virginia 
Year: Sophomore 
Major: Biblical Studies 
Why YQ? I love Jesus, I love the word, and I love students. My desire is to help students through the word to see Jesus. 

Justice Barker

Discipleship Team Member / Women's Leader 


YQ E-mail: jbarker6@liberty.edu
Hometown: Kannapolis, North Carolina
Year: Junior
Major: Youth Ministries: Biblical Studies Cognate 
Why YQ? I have such a heart to love on students who are broken and need to hear that they are loved. YouthQuest provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Also, it's given me a chance to live life and do ministry with a group of people who love The Lord and desire to serve Him above all else.

Waynette Angerville

Discipleship Team Member


YQ E-mail: wangerville@liberty.edu
Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 
Year: Senior
Major: Pre-Law
Why YQ? I want to be on YouthQuest because I have a passion for youth. When I was in high school, youth group and those who mentored me impacted my life so much. I love to share my love for Christ with you so that they can see how joyous it is having a relationship with Jesus. 

Sam Nelson

Discipleship Team Member & Speaker


YQ E-mail: snelson81@liberty.edu
Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Year: Senior 
Major: Youth Ministries
Why YQ? I absolutely strive to love God and I love to see other people love God too!

Lindsey Swartz

Discipleship Team Member


YQ E-mail: leswartz@liberty.edu
Hometown: Natural Bridge, Virginia
Year: Senior
Major: Worship Studies
Why YQ? What attracted me the most to YouthQuest was the passion each team member had for Jesus Christ; the maturity of faith I saw in them was SO much greater than I had ever noticed in other believers I've met and come to know. I saw the Holy Spirit work in very powerful and different ways than I had ever seen [at a YouthQuest DNOW this past spring] and it has forever changed my heart and the way I look at student ministry. I can say it is SOLELY by God's grace I have been able to come on this team, and God is shaping me into a huge ball of joy and is constantly growing my passion to share His Word to young students. Being around these team members has set my heart ablaze to go after young souls with all my might. As we opened training week with prayer, we prayed about things I had been praying for throughout this past summer, and in those moments of prayer I knew without a doubt God had divinely placed me on this team. I am extremely blessed beyond words I can even express, and I mean that with my whole heart.