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YouthQuest is a student-based ministry that is an extension of Liberty's Center for Youth Ministry and in partnership with the Department of Ministry Teams. YouthQuest is a traveling team comprised of Discipleship, Creative Arts, and Worship teams. The mission of YouthQuest is “to be a positive extension of the discipleship efforts of the host local church.”

YouthQuest, within the context of the hosting local church, has two primary pillars: personal discipleship and evangelism.  The structure of the weekend encompasses worship, workshops, and activities in an effort to provide spiritual growth.  A D-Now (Discipleship Now) weekend is a Friday through Sunday event to empower the local youth for Christ and encourage the ongoing reflection of their Savior. YouthQuest is committed to humbly serving Christ and carrying out the team’s mission in an attempt to accomplish God’s will in the lives of youth and their leaders.

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