Current Students


Academic Assistance

It is highly suggested that all students keep an open line of communication with their professional advisor in CASAS during the freshman and sophomore years.  Your advisor may be contacted with all questions concerning general education courses, graduation timelines and correlating course requirements.  Upon reaching junior status, students should contact his or her faculty advisor within the School of Music.  For more information about faculty advising, or if you have general questions, you can contact one of the department secretaries or

Any student needing to schedule an appointment with Dr. Vernon Whaley, Dean of the School of Music, will need to contact the Administrative Coordinator for the School of Music, Mrs. Kim Witt.  Any student needing to schedule an appointment with Dr. John Kinchen, Associate Dean for the Center of Music and Performing Arts, will need to contact his administrative assistant, Ms. Caroline Perricaudet.  Any student needing to schedule an appointment wirh Dr. Doug Crawley, Associate Dean of the Center for Music and Worship, will need to contact his administrative assistant, Mrs. Stephanie Pritchard.

Christian/Community Service

The Center for Music and Worship always needs assistance during College for a Weekend Events with room set-up, hosting, and clean-up.  We also host intensives during Fall and Spring Breaks as well as during the summer.  Other opportunities are also available.  Please see the administrative assistant or the department secretary for more information.

Student Worker positions

If you are interested in employment at the Center for Music and Worship, your first step will be to fill out a student worker packet.  This may be found by going to the Human Resources webpage at  There is a complete packet of information which will need to be filled out and taken to Human Resources.  Also keep a copy to bring to the Administrative Coordinator at the School of Music.  Student employment changes from semester to semester; therefore resumes will be kept on file for future reference.  Positions are filled as needed with the best possible candidate and said candidate must be in good academic standing.

There are generally three different types of positions available:  General Office Worker, Grader/Tutor, and Monitor.

  • General office workers are hired to help in the day to day activities of the office and work a defined schedule each week. 
  • Grader/Tutors must be a sophomore or higher rank and will be selected by the Theory Coordinator, Dr. John D. Kinchen, III and will work a defined schedule or as needed during the semester.
  • Monitors are workers who monitor practice room usage and are responsible for locking down facilities each evening. Monitors also work on special projects as needed and determined by the Administrative staff at the School of Music.   Monitors work a defined schedule and must be a sophomore or higher in rank.


Office hours are posted on professors’ doors and it would be best for you to set an appointment via email with the professor.

Worship Resources