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Supervisor: Catrina Valania (434-448-0088 Ext. 116 or
For over fifty years, the LHS has operated as a private, non-profit organization, caring for lost and homeless animals.  Last year, we cared for about 1,800 animals.  By operating an open admission facility, we accept every stray or unwanted animal surrendered to us from the Lynchburg community.  We accept those that are easily adoptable as pets, as well as those that need special nurturing from abusive or neglectful experiences.  We firmly believe that every animal deserves a second chance.  Mission: The Lynchburg Humane Society is dedicated to helping Lynchburg's pets through sheltering, adoption, spay/neuter programs, education and community outreach.  The following are available volunteer opportunities.

Adoption Counselor (additional training needed) – Greet and assist potential adopters in pet selection, explain adoption policies, answer questions, remove pets from cages/runs and allow potential adopters to interact with animal. Time Commitment = one Saturday or weekday per month.

Cat Playmate – come give the cats the attention they so crave and deserve.  Come play with them out of the cage to ensure they are receiving enough exercise and stress relief.  The shelter environment is very stressful for cats so help them feel more at home and help us keep them healthy.

Dog Socialization & Grooming (additional training needed) – Exercise and socialize dogs to increase adoptability; bathe and groom animals to make them more comfortable and adoptable. Assist the public with visiting with the dogs and help them find new homes.

Kennel Assistant (additional on the job training) – Clean small animal cages, clean dog and puppy runs. Feed and water animals.  Don’t forget the treats, toys and blankets.  Help give our animals a healthy pleasant place to live.  Needed any morning of the week.

Off-Site Events– We have many events through out the year.  Sign up to be on our email list to be notified on upcoming events.  They range from adoption events to fundraising events.  Most happen on the weekend and we need your help or these events can’t happen.  The more volunteers we have the more animals we can take to get adopted.

Dog Walking/Outings- (after you are a dog walker) – Take a dog out for a day of fun and adventure. Put the dog in an adopt me vest, sign the dog out for the day and head to a local park, coffee shop or downtown.  Give your favorite dog a little bit more exposure and allow them a nice break from the shelter.  See Kim or Lori if you are interested.

TNR Trapper – (additional training needed) A new program was established to provide free spay/neuter and a rabies shots to feral (wild) and free roaming (stray) cats that are reproducing in the City of Lynchburg in the following zip codes: 24501, 24502 and 24504.   We have enough funds to fix 2,000 cats for free. All cats will have their ear tipped.  Helping involves setting the traps, retrieving the traps and helping at the clinic, and helping distributing fliers.

Humane Educators – (additional training needed) Visiting schools, youth groups and community organizations and educating them on the importance of responsible animal care and kindness toward other creatures.

Last updated: 3/5/15

Supervisor: Debbie Hoffbeck (455-5878 or Email)
Nature Zone Volunteer – Assists with the operation of the Nature Zone, feeding and handling animals, and cleaning cages. Greets visitors and provides information about animals and ecosystems at the Nature Zone. Answers phones, provides general information regarding birthday parties and nature programs; set-up and assistance with birthday parties.

Last updated: 12/18/14

Supervisor: Caroline Perricaudet (434-363-6088 or
Email), Kaitlyn Quesinberry (434-363-6088 or Email), Angela Dudley (434-363-6088 or Email), or David Dudley (434-363-6088 or Email)
OBIC's mission is to bring together the body of Christ by hosting events and ministries that Christians of different denominations can come together and minister to the public. We use our 160 acre facility to host community groups and events where Christians can come here on this mission field to minister to them. The Liberty students who volunteer here help us maintain the facility and the animals as well as help us host events and clubs where they have a chance to minister themselves to the community that comes here.

Last updated: 9/24/13

Supervisors: Matt Smith (665-5218)
Mission statement: The HSCC does not have a public animal care facility, we are a group of caring volunteers who work from a private facility & our homes. Our goal is to reduce the numbers of unwanted, lost and stray animals euthanized in our county by increasing adoptions, and promoting spays and neuters of companion pets. We do this through adoption fairs at the Lynchburg Petsmart, and through transport of animals to other rescues and shelters. We also use foster caregivers for intermediate care of animals who are being treated for disease, or who have had surgery and are waiting for forever homes.


  • Dogs: Petsmart adoption fairs: most weekends, either Saturday or Sunday, hold a leash and help socialize and promote dogs and puppies who are looking for homes. Three-hour commitment required per adoption fair. Transporters from foster homes to Petsmart are needed, too.
  • Dogs: Walk dogs, cuddle puppies at foster homes. Two hour commitment preferred. 
  • Dogs: Adoption counselors at PetSmart. Must have good people skills, and be outgoing and friendly with the public. Two hour commitment needed.
  • Dogs: Foster caregiver: for senior off-campus residents only, who can provide a pet permission clause from their lease agreement. Fosters socialize, crate train, and provide temporary homes and transportation for carefully screened and vetted dogs. Ideal opportunity to have a fur friend companion without the commitment of a forever pet during your last year of school. You will receive one hour of credit for each 24 hours of care provided for the dog.
  • Dogs: Transport assistant for the transport of animals as needed.
  • Cats: Petsmart adoption fair assistant during weekend adoption events.
  • Cats: Petsmart adoption center counselors work seven evenings a week helping cats & kittens find great homes.
  • Cats: Petsmart morning cage cleaners work seven days a week, before store opening, to ensure that the cats are happy & ready to meet potential adopters. 
  • Cats: Transport assistant 
  • Volunteers with strong business skills are always needed to help with the organization of adoption activities. Volunteers & internships for the special events, planning & promotion of the group & our animals are always welcome. 
  • Photographer & videographer slots are open for those with time talent and interest.
  • Social media editors can assist pets in finding homes via their promotion on our various sites.


Last updated: 10/7/13

Supervisor: Amanda Eldcer (540-586-6100 or Email)
The Bedford Humane Society (BHS) is a nonprofit, charitable organization comprised of volunteers. We are dedicated to eliminating the overpopulation of cats and dogs in

Bedford County through education, spay/neuter programs and animal adoptions. WE ARE NOT the Bedford County or Bedford City Animal Shelter.   

Requirements: 1. Volunteers must enjoy working directly with or on the behalf of needy animals.  2. You must provide your own transportation.  Carpooling with other students doing your same project is a creative option.  3. You must sign and submit a Bedford Humane Society Release Form at the time of registration.

Foster Parent Assistant - Our adoptable animals live in a few foster homes provided by our volunteers. There they receive loving care while preparing for and awaiting a permanent adoptive home. Animal foster parents need assistance with some or all of the following: grooming, clean-up, exercise, socialization and adoption exposure of BHS-approved foster animals. 

Posters & Publications - Print posters of our adoptable animals, identify places in the Bedford community to post them, and update them on a regular basis.  We have a poster document in Microsoft Publisher. 

Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) - Volunteers needed to humanely trap and transport feral (untamed) cats to and from the Bedford Animal Hospital for spay/neuter services. Educate inquiring Bedford County property owners about trapping skills to prevent the needless overpopulation of feral cats. Training will be provided by an experienced BHS TNR volunteer. 

Media Relations - Develop and coordinate programs with area newspapers, radio and/or TV stations to maximize exposure for our adoptable animals. For example, "Pet of the Week" newspaper column with photo.  Publicize and build community support for BHS activities.

Fundraising - Coordinate and conduct a fundraiser such as a community car wash, or work in our booth at Bedford's Centerfest.  Make suggestions and coordinate a BHS Board-approved fundraiser idea.

Animal Foster Parent - Committed volunteers to lovingly foster, spay/neuter, vet service, socialize, housebreak, and provide adoption exposure for one BHS adoptable animal.  ONLY FOR JUNIOR and SENIOR OFF-CAMPUS STUDENTS WHO ARE PERMITTED IN THEIR LEASES TO HOUSE AN ANIMAL INDOORS.  MUST follow specific BHS Foster care Guidelines under the supervision of a BHS mentor.


Last updated: 1/22/15

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