Meet the 2004-2005 Volunteer Student of the Year Recipient, Lisa Turner


Lisa receives her award from Dr. Falwell, 
and CSER Director Lew Weider.


Lisa Turner is a Jr. Advertising and Public Relations major.  She has received this year's CSER Student Volunteer of the Year Award for her outstanding service at The Dock Youth Outreach Center in Amherst, VA.  Lisa is actually a local, and grew up in Amherst herself.  In fact, her association with the Dock began when she was a teen attending the ministry.  When she began her CSER requirements, she naturally stayed with the Dock.  She initially wanted to work with children and youth, but began seeing another way that she could serve and give back to her community, and that was through the administrative side of things.  She became very interested in the marketing and public relations arm of the ministry, and acquired a growing desire to do much more with this, to the point that she declared her major in this field.  So with her experience at the Dock, Lisa says that she found her "niche," and that this CSER opportunity has "definitely helped determine my major."  

Lisa's supervisor, Kathi Cresson, founded the Dock in March 1995 with a mission to "Reach the Lost No Matter the Cost."  The name comes from Luke 5:11 which records that the disciples docked and became fishers of men. She expresses her gratitude to every Liberty Student that has helped her throughout the years.  Lisa has stood out to Kathi because she has always known her, from childhood, to be someone with "big dreams."  She views Lisa as a young lady with "unfailing energy, and excitement to reach the youth of Amherst County,"  and a desire to "make a mark," "change things,"  and "make a difference in her community."  With her great "energy" and "creative thinking," Lisa has been involved with organizing and planning special outreach events, the annual summer youth camp, and developing promotional materials for the ministry.

When asked about the CSER program here at Liberty, Lisa said that it was a good program because it is "an effort to have students reach out to their own community and see the value of giving back . . .  to their surrounding area and in turn they receive so much."  Lisa, of course, received clarity for her major in advertising, found her "niche" in life and has "learned a lot that otherwise I wouldn't have."  Her advice to her fellow students is, "pick something you enjoy . . . something that you are interested in."  If this is your focus, you too just may learn a lot that you may not otherwise learn and possibly even, like Lisa, find your niche in life.

We congratulate you, Lisa, on a job well done, and for exemplifying what we desire for our students as Christ's servants in our community.

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