Topical Listing (200 Series)
Serving in the Local Church

Christian/Community Service is available for church related activities. The current program encompasses service among a diverse cross-section of churches, denominations, and para-church ministries and organizations.

Within this field, service is recognized for children's ministry, including nursery, toddlers, primary, junior high, and senior high youth, as well as adult and seniors and specialized outreaches carried on by churches and church related organizations. By way of example, and not limitation, CSER 200-283 of the Handbook contains a description of opportunities available at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg.

Students are invited to explore these options as well as options available at other churches in the Lynchburg area which may offer similar programs differing in size and emphasis. Students desiring to participate in pre-approved TRBC or other church programs must contact the Christian/Community Service Department for additional details and requirements and/or provide the Department with details of programs that have not yet been reviewed for approval.

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