Meet the CSER Volunteer of the Year (2003-2004)
Mr. R. Paul Lundy II

Paul is a Senior Sports Management major from Maryland. He will be graduating in December. He has been involved in Christian/Community Service at Lynchburg Christain Academy as an assistant basketball coach, which is what he has been training at Liberty to do, and has spent the last two years serving at the Lynchburg Juvenile Detention Home through Hope Aglow Prison Ministries.

David Stinnet, Paul’s CSER supervisor for the last two years nominated Paul because of his genuine heart, faithful service, leadership and willingness to serve above and beyond the call of duty. Faithfully Paul has befriended the troubled youth at the Detention Home, prepared lessons and led group discussions and activities in such a way that they anticipate his return. He has also risen as a leader among his peers and willingly and selflessly does whatever it takes to fulfill the mission at the Detention Home. This has also been evident in Paul’s commitment to serve beyond his regular hours by working through the summer even when he was not getting CSER credit, and has been able, in Mr. Stinnett’s occasional absence, to keep the program running smoothly.

Paul said that a friend invited him to go to the Detention Home a couple of years ago and "I just stepped in there the first night and just wanted to keep doing it. It's been a joy to go back there every week and look forward to it every Wednesday night." He says that the kids "may act rough and tough, but in reality they're just searching like everyone else; and its nice to see many of them grow and become involved in Bible reading."

Paul's thoughts on the Liberty Christian/Community Service requirement is that it is an "excellent opportunity for those who want to get out in the community and show Lynchburg and the surrounding area that Liberty students do care about getting involved and that we want to make a difference, and it provides just a great opportunity for all of us to use the gifts God has given us."

Paul advises his fellow students about CSER, "You will get out what you put into it, it is a great chance to get out and use our abilites," and recommends that they choose a Christian Service opportunity that "goes along with their major."

Please take a moment to congratulate Paul on his achievement and thank him for being a humble servant leader who exemplifies what a Liberty University CSER worker should be, but more importantly the kind of servant the Lord wants all of us to be.

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