CSER Student Volunteer of the Year (2000-2001)

Above Photo: Lori receives her reward from Dr. Elmer Towns, Dean of School of Religion and Mr. Lew Weider, Director of Christian/Community Service


Lori Snider is from Amelia, Ohio. She came to Liberty as a freshman in 1997. She is a Psychology Major and hopes to serve as a Social Worker especially to help the elderly.

Lori has been a Christian since the age of 4, and has loved her education at Liberty. With regard to her Christian/Community Service experience, Lori admits that at first it seemed like too much to be required of busy college students. She now expresses gratitude that Liberty has this program because involvement in it has given her skills and key experience that has helped prepare her for her future career. In fact, Lori readily admits that the Lord guided her into a passion for working with the elderly through her Christian Service at Runk and Pratt. She stated that she has learned not to take the elderly for granted, and realizes that they have so much wisdom to offer. She commented that she sometimes felt "selfish" when going to do her service, because she looked forward to being blessed by the residents at Runk and Pratt. When asked about Christian Service as it relates to the Christian life, Lori stated "God commands it, and when we do it we are being obedient, as well as glorifying God and showing His love towards others."

Lori with 2001 Runk and Pratt Staff : From Left - Amy Pope (Activities Assistant), Lori Snider, Janet Harris (Activities Director), Betty Roach (VP of Operations)

"Everyone at the home looks so forward to seeing Lori." - Janet Harris,

"During her visits, she lifts the spirits of every resident she comes in contact with." - Amy Pope

Following is the text of the letter written by Amy Pope recommending Lori for this award:

Dear Mr. Lew Weider,

We here at Runk and Pratt would like to nominate Lori Snider for Volunteer of the Year. We feel she is a wonderful candidate for this award.

Lori has been a blessing to our facility. She is a very pleasant person and all of our residents enjoy seeing her. She is one of the most dedicated volunteers we have ever dealt with. Lori visits our facility many times during the week. During her visits, she lifts the spirits of every resident she comes in contact with.

Lori has one resident in particular that she spends a lot of quality time with, his name is Lloyd Taylor. Lori visits with Lloyd almost every day. She has created a special bond with him. Lloyd has just recently had a stroke. He was feeling so down and depressed, but Lori came into his life and gave him so much hope. Lloyd says that Lori has a lot of spunk and brings joy to everyone.

Even more recent, Lloyd was admitted to the hospital and there Lori visited him every day. She even helped Lloyd to feed himself. On another occasion, Lloyd had a flat tire on his car, and Lori had her boyfriend come by when he got off from work to change it for him.

Lloyd and his family appreciate Lori so much. They call her an angel sent to him. She gives him such encouragement to look on the bright side and hang in there. I feel that there would be no better candidate for the Volunteer of the Year other than Lori Snider.


Amy Pope Activity Asst. Runk & Pratt

Thank you, Lori , for your exemplary and sacrificial service. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him and spread His love to others!

The Christian Community Service Staff

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