CSER Student Volunteers of the Year (2001-2002)

Tammy Scull and Jeremiah Keeler

Lew Weider, Director of Christian/Community Service, presents Tammy and Jeremiah with their awards in convocation on Wednesday, May1, 2002.

Tammy Scull is a first year LBI student and plans on transferring to Liberty to pursue a degree in counseling. She has been volunteering with the Sexual Assault Response Program in Lynchburg since Sept. 2002. Julie Peters, the program's coordinator, had the following to say about Tammy; "Tammy has helped over 30 sexual assault victims and their families cope with the devastation of rape, incest, and sexual assault. Tammy goes above and beyond the normal volunteer in trying to attend the needs of our clients." Further, in Julie's opinion, Tammy "is the embodiment of the ideals and spirit of Christian service that your university and office wish to see realized."

When asked about the CSER program here at Liberty, Tammy stated, "I don’t think it’s a lot to ask at all. I think God really would want us to get involved in community service somehow so that we can help our communities and be a witness and a testimony in our area.” According to Tammy, CSER is "a very good thing. I think it pushes students that wouldn’t normally take part in Community Service to get blessed. It pushes them to do things that they wouldn’t normally do and God is able to use them for His kingdom; witnessing to others in situations that they wouldn’t normally put themselves in, and I think they receive a great blessing that way."

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Jeremiah Keeler is a Junior Youth Ministries major at Liberty University. He has been working with the youth at the Emmanuel Nazarene Church in Madison Heights for the last 2 years. During that time, according to Pastor Peter Migner, Jeremiah's passion and leadership has brought a small, struggling youth group of 3 teens to one of up to 15 teens, with several other Liberty volunteers. Jeremiah went above and beyond his regular ministry responsibilities when, in June of 2001, he took care of the church when it had been struck by lightning and burned in Pastor Migner's absence. Jeremiah has shown incredible "passion, faithfulness, and endurance through a lot of difficult situations that ministry to teens and families can present in today's culture," said Pastor Migner, and this is why he nominated him for this award.

Jeremiah feels that the CSER program at Liberty is "a good idea." He states, "Anyone studying for ministry should definitely be involved in something, and anyone that comes to a Christian university to learn about the Lord, if they're going to have any level of growth in their ministry, if they’re going to have any level of growth in their life, they better be involved with some level of ministry."

With regard to the personal benefits of his Christian service Jeremiah remarks, "Being involved with the youth group has taught me more and helped me strive more to be a stronger Christian, because I’ve been challenged more to live my life in such a way that would be an example to them. If I didn’t have them in my life I think I’d be more into doing whatever I felt like and not worrying about what others think, but since they’re there it’s caused me to grow a lot more, and witnessing to them has really helped me realize how much my relationship with Christ means."

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Tammy and Jeremiah were selected out of over 30 other nominees. Three students, Ray Newton, Jeremiah Jenkins and Ben Zimmer, received honorable mentions.

Although not everyone could win the final award, we at the CSER office are proud of every nominee. The nomination itself indicates that they have been involved throughout our area as outstanding and exemplary servants of the Lord and of people. Let us all commend them for what they have done and the impact that they have already made for the Lord. Also, let us encourage them to continue serving Him in this manner, bringing Him glory and praise as an example of those who put others first. Finally, let us follow their example, and above all Christ's, who became a servant so that we might be saved. This is the spirit and goal of Christian/Community Service.

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