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Section III: Participation

A. How many CSERs must students complete?

To graduate from Liberty, all full-time, residential undergraduate students must successfully complete one CSER requirement for each full-time semester that they are a student, up to eight (8) semesters. Once students have fulfilled these requirements, they will no longer need to enroll in a CSER.

Note:  Residential students who are full-time (12 hours or more) are required to enroll in CSER whether they are taking residential or LU Online courses.

B. How many CSERs may students do during a semester?

While students are only required to complete one CSER for every semester they are full-time, they may register and receive a grade for more than one CSER during any semester (Refer to Section IV.F. for restrictions concerning credit for future semesters).  Students who fall behind and need to receive credit for more than one CSER in a semester to fulfill their graduation requirements, must make that request in the online application process. (See Section III.F. below).

C. How much time will a CSER require?

Students must complete a minimum of 20 hours in order to pass any CSER. Some supervisors may require more than 20 hours. In such cases, supervisors will inform students prior to enrollment, and then the student must complete the additional hours to pass his or her CSER with that organization. (Examples: Young Life and the local hospitals; LGH and VBH).

D. May students complete their CSER requirement during multiple semesters?

No.  Students must complete all CSER hours for a registered CSER within that semester only. Semester beginning and ending dates are according to the official calendar issued be the Registrar's office. Summer semester and Winter Break hours must be completed between the spring and fall and fall and spring semesters respectively.

E. May students complete their CSER requirement through multiple organizations or supervisors?

No. In order to receive credit toward the fulfillment of each CSER requirement students will complete their registered CSER with one organization only and every registered CSER must be completed under one CSER supervisor only.

F. What if students fall behind in CSER?

Students may make up their CSER requirements in later semesters by completing more than one CSER in a semester.  They may use the Summer semester or Winter Break to catch up as well (See Note in Section II.C. above).

  1. Students may register for more than one CSER to catch up.
  2. When a student registers for a CSER they can sign up for a “double registration”. This would then require a minimum of 40 hours of service. (Doubling up is the maximum allowed per CSER) .
  3. To sign up for a “double” CSER you should ensure that you are in fact behind and then read the instruction in red (on the online registration form) carefully.


G. What if a student receives an “F” for CSER?

The grade of "F" will remain on the student's transcript for that CSER and will not count toward fulfilling the graduation requirement unless the grade is changed through one of three ways:

  1. The Repeat Policy: Students wishing to change a failing grade must repeat and pass that same CSER under the CSER repeat policy. It is mandatory that students apply for the repeat policy through LU Serve before credit will be given.
  2. Drop/Add:  The drop/add process in described above in Section II E.  Supervisors have full authority to deny dropping the students’ CSER and in that case LU Serve may not change the “F.” The student may then use the Repeat Policy.
  3. Missing CSER Evaluation Form: Students may have simply failed to complete the online evaluation. To correct this follow steps 1-3 of the registration process and then select Evaluation and complete the process (See Section II E.).

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