How to get a CSER Announcement Posted

1. Write out your announcement as though you were DIRECTLY ADDRESSING THE STUDENTS. 

Include the following:
a) Basic description of the service opportunity available (who you are, what you do)
b) Basic expectations* of the students (days, times, qualifications, etc.)
c) Contact information (phone #s, e-mails, website links - but only the e-mail or website can be made active; normally we make the e-mail an active link)

*NOTE: You must be able to provide a minimum of 20 hours of service time for each student who enrolls.  If you need them for more, you must communicate this up front. (You do not have to include this in the announcement, but please be aware of this policy).

2. Make the announcement appealing, but do not include any graphics or fancy fonts (they cannot be posted).

3. Do not send it in an attachment, just write straight text to an e-mail.

4. Send the e-mail to

5. Include "CSER Opp" in the Subject Bar

6. Send your e-mail.

7. If it is not posted in 24 hours, send a reminder.

8. Understand that we cannot guarantee by this posting that students will respond or enroll.

9. Deadlines for CSER registration are the:

  • first Monday in October (Fall semester),
  • first Monday in March (Spring semester), and the
  • first Monday in July (Summer semester). 

PLEASE try to have your announcement(s) to us no later than a week prior to these dates. 

FINALLY - If and when your announcement has successfully helped you find the volunteers you need, please remember to notify us (at the e-mail above) so we can remove the announcement.

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