Daniel Allen, Liberty University’s Christian/Community Service
Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient for 2006-2007



Daniel, Leah Napier and Mr. Storey

Daniel Allen, a first semester senior communications major from Emporia Virginia, received this award for his “topnotch” service at Runk and Pratt Residential Adult Care Facility.  He has been doing this since he started his CSER in the spring of 2006.  Leah Napier, the Activities Director at R&P and Daniel’s supervisor, thought Daniel was deserving of this award due to his exemplary service with the residents at R&P, but especially with one particular resident, Mr. Lloyd Storey.  Storey is an 82 year old bachelor and has no family that visits him.  Daniel came along, and these two have forged more than a friendship.  Storey, in fact, says that Daniel is “like a son to me,” and “if I were married, I’d want six of him.”  This father/son relationship has been cultivated through the continuous care that Daniel provides for Mr. Storey seeing he is pretty much confined to a wheelchair.  Daniel spends more than the time he is required, comes evenings, and, despite the challenges, takes Mr. Storey to shop and get a “cone of cream,” every now and then. Storey stated, “He’s my buddy, he has been my buddy and I hope he’ll always be my buddy.”  


L-R Ronnie (Dad), Daniel, Leah, Mr. Storey (seated) Catherine Pair (grandmother) Deborah (Mom) and Henry Pair (g.father)


Daniel was joined in receiving the award on Wednesday, May 9, 2007 by his father, mother and maternal grandparents who came from Emporia just to see him honored.  They all expressed nothing but pride for Daniel.  His parents said that Daniel was always an honest child growing up and "a joy to raise."  His grandparents spoke highly of Daniel as well, and the event was a joy and honor for the whole family.  Daniel, as well, stated that he could not have gotten this award if not for the close relationships and support of his family.

When starting his Christian Service, Daniel, like most students, considered it a bit too much, considering his academic requirements too challenging to have to do 20 hours of CSER as well.  Today, however, he is so glad he did it, because if he had not, he would never have had the privilege of meeting Mr. Story, Leah and the rest of the "great people"  at Runk and Pratt.

Daniel said that he always had a "love for older people" and saw serving at R&P as a "necessity."  Daniel tells his peers to "shoot for the stars, do the best you can, go beyond the 20 hours requirement."  His advice is simple, but significant.  He tells us to smile at them, make them smile and talk to them.  Daniel observes that this is one of the ways we can "show Christ's love for all . . . for Him to die on the cross for all of us . . . what else do I need to say?" But Daniel's sacrificial service is what really reflects the love of Christ for people.

We echo Daniel's grandfather who said, "I'm just glad Liberty got a hold of him."  We are, indeed, glad to have young men like Daniel Allen who exemplifies the selfless service and caring heart that Christ seeks to cultivate in all of us.
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We would also like to mention the other nominees for this year's award. 
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Miguel Felix - Center for Multi-Cultural Enrichment, Liberty University
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Each one of you likewise represent model servants, reflecting the values of Liberty and, more importantly, the Kingdom of God.  We appreciate you all!

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