Public Relations and Communication

CSER 319-001: SELAH
CSER 363-001: 90.9 THE LIGHT

Supervisor: Debbie Huff (582-2428 or Email) and Matt Pierce (582-2181 or Email ) Champion newspaper office is 1565 Green Hall.

Work on the Liberty Champion can be done in several areas: writing for news, feature, editorial and sports pages; work in photography; copy editing; and helping with the delivery of the newspaper around the campus and community.

Once students decide what they want to do, they will be assigned to a section to work and will be contacted by a staff member with instructions. After that they will be expected to touch base with the section editor each week until the minimum hour requirement has been met. Students may find this service as a good way to build their portfolios.

Evaluation is based on the amount of contributions and the quality of work.

Last updated: 8/28/17

CSER 319-001: SELAH
Supervisor: Emily Watkins
(592-5972 or Email)
Work on SELAH may be done in several areas: writing and editing, photography, layout and design, records and portraits and business.

Students must come to the journalism lab Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:20 p.m. When final deadlines must be met, students are expected to volunteer extra time on weekends, and during returns from vacations. Each staff member is assigned a job and each staff member must help with everyone else's job, as well, so that everyone learns all facets of producing the book.

Evaluation for the lab is based on the daily and weekly contributions of staff members. A special notice will be made of evidences of the fruit of the Spirit at work in each member's relationships with others on the staff. Certainly, peace, gentleness, self-control and consideration for others are prerequisites of the Christian/Community Service.

Last updated: 3/5/11

CSER 330-001: VISITORS CENTER (CFAW, Summer Orientation, Winterfest, and more!)
Supervisor: Aaron Garcia (592-6536 or

The On Campus Recruitment Events team has the opportunity to serve during many events throughout the year at Liberty University. During the academic year prospective students and their families visit the campus of Liberty University. Many people are required to greet, guide, and accommodate guests. Numerous people are also required to plan and execute large events throughout the year.

There are so many areas of service within the Visitors Center and around the campus, and there is a fit for everyone. If you have specific career goals (“I want to be an event planner someday, I want to build houses, I want to be a pastor, I want to be a leader in business, etc.”) we would like to place you in the best possible place with our team to begin building a great resume and help you become prepared for what God has for your future!

Examples of service opportunities are as follows:

We look forward to hearing from you and would love to have you be a part of our team.

Last updated: 8/28/17

CSER 363-001: 90.9 THE LIGHT
Supervisor: Jamie Hall (582-2452 or
This CSER provides students with the opportunity to work in various aspects of a city-wide radio ministry. Areas of specialty include music, news, sports, production, public relations and public service programming.

Last updated: 2/22/17


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