Topical Listing (500 Series)
Serving in the Community


Our office enjoys partnerships with a number of already established community services that are working to effectively help residents of central Virginia through such various outlets as recreational and city beautification projects, to hunger relief and social services including assisting the elderly, abused women and children, homeless and disadvantaged adults and youth, and young women with crisis pregnancies, just to name a few. There are also opportunities to get involved in on-going evangelistic and politically oriented ministries to fulfill the Christian's call to be salt and light in our communities. Further, because of our responsibilty to tend and care for God's creation, we allow working with environmental/ecological concerns and homeless and needy animals to count for CSER credit as well.

Community Service Opportunities

Youth Ministries and Outreaches
Youth in Crisis
Education, Tutoring and Mentoring
Evangelistic and Community Outreaches
Abused Women and Children
Families in Need
Intellectual Disabilities
Social Issues and Civic Organizations
Feeding and Housing the Needy
Pregnant Teens
Missions and International Students
Camps and Local Tours
Creation's Stewards (includes environment and animals in need)


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