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Christian/Community Service is available for participation in certain approved athletic activities. In general, these CSERs (with the exception of CSER 457-001, 458-001, 459-001, and 463-002) are available to members of the athletic teams only. The program envisions service to teammates, opponents, audiences and others in visitation and special programs. By way of example, and not limitation, what follows is a description of opportunities available in Liberty's athletic programs where many students have served in the past. Students are invited to explore these options as well as options that might be available in other contexts in the Lynchburg area which may offer opportunities for service in athletic endeavors. Students desiring to participate in other programs must contact the Christian/Community Service Office for additional details and requirements and/or provide the office with details of programs that have not yet been reviewed for approval.

Supervisor: Matthew Anthony (592-4950 or Email), Kristie Beitz (582-2105 or Email), Rueben Gaines (582-2073 or Email), Courtney Huffman (582-2044 or Email), Michael Johnson (592-5413 or Email), Jessica Lloyd (582-2141 or Email), Lauren Markey (592-7625 or Email), or Jordan Richardson (592-6921 or Email)
This Christian/Community Service is open to all students, student – athletes and SAAC members that are passionate about athletics and are interested in partnering to make a positive impact on the community.

Ex. Tutoring, Life-Skills Programs and SAAC Programs

Students interested in this Christian/Community Service should contact a supervisor for details of this service opportunity.

Last updated: 1/19/16

Supervisor: Todd Wetmore (582-2292 or
The Athletic Communications Office provides students who are serious about pursuing careers in sports information, journalism, and public relations with an opportunity to serve Christ while interfacing with the media, opponents, the NCAA, and the fans of the Flames. Participation behind the scenes at various athletic events requires flexibility, dependability and the ability to work under pressure. Participation in the publication of media guides, sports brochures, press releases and schedules increase writing and editing skills. Students will have the opportunity to share Christ in a highly competitive environment and represent Liberty University both on the printed page and in the sports arena.

Supervisor: Ed Gomes (582-7088 or
The Liberty University Football Student-Athletes are encouraged to make a positive impact through involvement with Christian service; our student-athletes are involved Christian service throughout the Lynchburg and surrounding communities. Players are encouraged to make a positive impact by working with local Jr. and Sr. high FCA huddle groups in the Lynchburg by serving and sharing how character and faith are related to everyday life as a student-athlete. Some of the other following areas are ways that our players fulfill their Christian service; reading to kids in the elementary schools, working at different athletic camps throughout the summer, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army kettle drives, Men of Armor and other service related ministries. The Liberty University Christian service program allows our players to live out the Whole-Person Development model that we teach throughout our football program.

Last updated: 7/7/10

Supervisor: Daniel Brown (
582-2101 or Email) or Daniel Preusser (582-2414 or Email)
In our Christian service area, we require our students to provide help in a variety of areas. One area that is vital is through camps. We hold a few youth camps and high school camps throughout the year where students can work with the kids, teach them baseball and talk to them about Christ if the opportunity presents itself. We also have CSER students who provide help with our facility, whether that be on the field or in the office. This can entail, practice help, game day operations, etc.

Last updated: 5/8/15

Rebekah Ray (582-2337 or Email) or Matt Olinger (582-2411 or Email)
The Men’s Basketball Christian Service allows our players the opportunity to minister to our community using their athletic ability as a platform. They participate in local club, school and community events offering positive and encouraging interaction with the people they come in contact with.

Last updated: 5/10/10

Supervisor: Carey Green (582-2907 or
Email) or Andy Bloodworth (582-2012 or Email)
For Christian Service we provide students with various opportunities during the year. Most of the activities are seasonal and range from assisting in office management and administration, which could include statistical analysis of both game and practice data. There would also be opportunities to assist on the court game and practice management. Recording and editing could also be an area of service. Opportunities also include visiting nursing homes, hospitals and joining in Alzheimer’s Memory Walks. Finally there are opportunities of service in the summer to assist in basketball camps and clinics.

Last updated: 9/17/10

Joyous Tharrington (336-932-3279 or Email)
The members of the Practice Squad will be assisting our team by scrimmaging and assisting our Coaching staff with various basketball drills.

Last updated: 8/21/14

Supervisor: Jeff Alder (582-2381 or
Email) or Andrew Madero (582-2381 or Email)
In our CSER, we provide the opportunity for students/ student athletes to serve through the game of soccer.  We have several camps and clinics each year where they can serve high school aged kids and younger.  In this context, they are able to teach soccer and life skills and encourage them wherever they are in life.  We also provide our students the opportunity to serve by taking care of facility maintenance and equipment use.  Lastly, several of our students help out in managing different game day related activities surrounding our competitions.  

Last updated: 9/23/13

Supervisor: Jessica Hain (582-2768 or
Email) or Adam Godwin (582-2704 or Email)
The women’s soccer program is involved in ministry throughout the regional NCAA Division I area; specifically the Big South Conference. Student athletes have the opportunity to give testimony and offer prayer to student-athletes from other teams as well as use the platform of soccer to be a light for the Gospel. Sports ministry (using a soccer ball to share the love of Jesus Christ) crosses all barriers! It’s an international language. Student athletes will have the opportunity to work with kids in the community through camps and clinics as well as on the international stage during overseas missions trips.

Last updated: 4/30/13

Andrew McFadden (582-2131 or Email) or Jaden Brandt (582-2135 or Email)

Last updated: 8/22/14

Andrew McFadden (582-2131 or Email) or Jaden Brandt (582-2135 or Email)

Last updated: 8/22/14

Supervisor: Jesse Castro (582-7463 or
The wrestling team participates in service opportunities such as visiting retirement homes, shoveling snow, trash pick up, working with a Jr. wrestling club and assisting the LCA wrestling team.

Last updated: 5/11/10

Supervisor: Jonathan Willis (582-2711 or
Email) or Cassie Crumal (592-5714 or Email)
The women’s volleyball program is involved in ministry throughout the NCAA Division I area; specifically the Big South Conference. Students athletes have the opportunity to pray with other student athletes and to model Christ-like sportsmanship on and off the court. We continue to work multiple skills clinics ranging from 6-12 graders and 50-plus senior citizens clinic. Student athlete will also participate in multiple opportunities in the community such as visiting retirement homes, soup kitchens and working with inter city children.

Last updated: 9/17/15

Supervisor: Jordan Ballard (592-4481 or
In our CSER, students have the opportunity to be involved in many University and community events and projects that serve members of this community. Students will be positive ambassadors for the University and will assist the team in service activities on campus and in the community. Some of these events include visiting nursing homes, helping with local Special Olympics events, camps and clinics and other various opportunities. Students in our CSER are expected to be positive role-models and to shine the light of Christ to everyone they encounter.

Last updated: 9/3/14

CSER 471-001: GOLF
Supervisor: Jeff Thomas (841-1347 or
Email) or Eric Klinger (582-7448 or Email)
The Liberty Golf team participates in Christian Service through the Lunch buddies program in Lynchburg city schools. Our athletes eat lunch with kids from local elementary schools. This gives our athletes the opportunity build friendships, and provide encouragement in these kid’s lives. We also have CSER volunteers that help out with our practice facility and in the office. This can involve help with practice, imputing stats, etc.

Last updated:4/3/12

Supervisor: Chris Johnson (582-2409 or
Our students are involved in different camps that we do each year for Christian Service. This includes working with the campers as well as administrative duties as needed. They are encouraged to share their testimony with the campers and build relationships. We also get involved with local tennis charities to help fund-raise for underprivileged kids to have an opportunity to play tennis.

Last updated: 3/7/12

Supervisor: Jeff Maren (592-6259 or
Our students are involved in different camps that we do each year for Christian Service. This includes working with the campers as well as administrative duties as needed. They are encouraged to share their testimony with the campers and build relationships. We also get involved with local tennis charities to help fund-raise for underprivileged kids to have an opportunity to play tennis.

Last updated: 3/13/14

CSER 473-001: HOCKEY
Supervisor: David Lambach (592-3957 or Email) or Christian Garland (592-3953 or Email)
Players and students assist with game night events , which help Liberty's club sports programs be some of the top in the nation. Volunteers are involved with moving nets, filling machines, working penalty boxes, cleaning glass, etc.

Last updated: 1/29/16

Supervisor: Bob Pinto (582-7257 or
This Christian/Community Service opportunity is open to players and student staff that are passionate about the game of softball. The students are given the privilege of working with young aspiring softball players on their individual skills while also sharing Christ’s love. The students are assigned stations which focus on instructing ages 8-18. During the time of instruction, student athletes share the gospel with participants as well as personal testimonies and prayer. This CSER opportunity is available through camps hosted by Dot Richardson and collaborations with the local Dixie League.

Last updated: 3/14/14

Supervisor: Meghan Harkey (582-2564 or
The mission of the Liberty University Women's Lacrosse program is to train champions for Christ through the sport of lacrosse and to be a visible reflection of Christ's love within the community through various service projects.  Students will be involved in lacrosse clinics and various service projects in the community.

Last updated: 9/13/11


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