Meet Ryan Flack, Liberty Univerity's Christian/Community Service volunteer of the Year Award Recipient for 2005-2006



 Ryan Flack with Karen Ferrell

Ryan is a sophomore worship and music ministry major. He has been serving over the last year at Victory Restoration Church in Roanoke, VA. For him, life is all about worship and the church. “My heart is definitely with the church, I always want to be involved in the church. I always want to be involved in worship leading.” He has found wonderful opportunities to do just that at Victory.

His supervisor and mentor, Karen Ferrell has called Ryan an “extremely talented child of God.” Upon coming to the church, it was not long before Ryan’s giftedness in music and worship became apparent to her, so she asked him to play his guitar and do periodic specials. Apart from his musical talent, Ryan is a servant. Karen says that Ryan “does not see any task too small or too large,” but assists in any area there is need. She also, after observing his life, has become “confident in his spiritual walk with Christ.” So she began mentoring him in worship ministry in the local church, and as time progressed he was given more and more opportunities and greater responsibility, until, after continually rising to the occasion, he “grew” to the place where he now regularly leads congregational worship at Victory. Ryan sets a great example, but what especially stood out to Karen was how, recently, the Pastor said that his 15 y.o. son hopes to lead worship like Ryan one day.

Regarding the Christian/Community Service Program and requirement at Liberty , Ryan states, “When I first heard about it I thought it was just another mandatory thing I had to do for credit, but found it “easy to just plug into something that you already do in your church.” And this is what he advises his fellow students to do as well. “Search what you already are doing or what you like to do and pursue that.” If they look into something in their career, he says, Christian/Community Service will not be “just something you have to do, but something that will benefit them and benefit others.”

Ryan defines and describes worship as “Recognizing who you are in God’s hands, it is realizing that God is God and you are not.” According to Ryan you become a worshipper when “it clicks in your head that you are not God and that He is your ultimate provider, you lean on Him with everything within you;” a great lesson for all of us.
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Also receiving honorable mention this year are:
Melanie Conklin – Marriage Alliance of Central Virginia
Katherine McGee – Randoloh Memorial Baptist Church
Laurel Lewis – The Edge/Calvary Chapel
Debra Rashid – Founder of Big Friends/Little Friends through the Lynchburg Parks and Recreation’s Yoder Center
Mario Lauta – Daily Bread/Campus Serve

Let us all extend our congratulations and gratitude toward each of these servants of Christ who are representing our Lord Jesus and Liberty University in exemplary ways in our community and churches, as well as among their peers on campus. 


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