Approved Residential General Education & Integrative Courses

2017-2018 Catalog Year


ENGL 101: Composition & Rhetoric (HFA)

Communications Elective Options

COMS 101: Speech Communications (HFA)
ENGR 270: Technical Communication (HFA)
GLST 220: Intercultural Communication and Engagement (SBS)
SCOM 110: Media & Culture and SCOM 226: Interpersonal & Group Communication (SCOM 110 and 226 must both be completed in order for these courses to fulfill the Communications Elective.)

Mathematics, Science, & Technology

Math Elective Options

MATH 114: Quantitative Reasoning (NSM)
MATH 115: Mathematics for Liberal Arts or MATH 116: Logic & Social Reasoning (NSM)
MATH 117: Elements of Mathematics (NSM)
MATH 121: College Algebra (NSM)
MATH 122: Trigonometry (NSM)
MATH 125: Finite Mathematics (NSM)
MATH 126: Elem. Calculus for Business & Science (NSM)
MATH 128: Elem. Functions & Coordinate Geometry (NSM)
MATH 130: Advanced Technical Mathematics (NSM)
MATH 131: Calculus & Analytical Geometry I (NSM)
MATH 132: Calculus & Analytical Geometry II (NSM)
MATH 201: Introduction to Probability & Statistics (MATH 201 is cross-listed with BUSI 230) (NSM)
MATH 211: Introduction to Statistical Analysis (NSM)
MATH 217: Elementary Geometry (NSM)
MATH 227: Number Systems & Geometry (NSM)

Natural Science Elective Options

BIOL 101: Principles of Biology (NSM)
BIOL 102: Principles of Human Biology (NSM)
BIOL 103: Principles of Biology Lab (1 hr) (NSM)
BIOL 104: Principles of Human Biology Lab (1 hr) (NSM)
BIOL 203: Introduction to Microbiology (NSM)
BIOL 213-214: Human Anatomy & Physiology I, Lab I (NSM)
BIOL 215-216: Human Anatomy & Physiology II, Lab II (NSM)
BIOL 224: General Biology (NSM)
CHEM 105: Elements of General Chemistry (NSM)
CHEM 107: Essentials of General & Organic Chemistry (NSM)
CHEM 121: General Chemistry I (NSM)
CHEM 122: General Chemistry II (NSM)
ENVR 215: Principles of Environmental Science (NSM)
ENVR 220: Physical Geology (NSM)
ENVR 221: Physical Geology Lab (1 hr) (NSM)
PHSC 121: Introduction to Astronomy (NSM)
PHSC 122: Elements of Astronomy Lab (1 hr) (NSM)
PHSC 210: Elements of Earth Science (NSM)
PHSC 211: Elements of Earth Science Lab (1 hr) (NSM)
PHYS 101: Elements of Physics (NSM)
PHYS 103: Elements of Physics Lab (1 hr) (NSM)
PHYS 201: General Physics I (NSM)
PHYS 202: General Physics II (NSM)
PHYS 231: University Physics I (NSM)
PHYS 232: University Physics II (NSM)

Technology Competency 

All students must pass the computer assessment or complete applicable INFT/BUSI course.

BUSI 201: Intermediate Business Computer Applications
INFT 102: PowerPoint (1 hr)
INFT 103: Excel (1 hr)
INFT 104: Word (1 hr) 
A total of 3 credits must be completed to apply INFT 102, 103, and 104 toward the General Education  requirement.
INFT 110: Computer Concepts & Applications or INFT 111: MAC Computer Concepts & Applications
INFT 126: Adobe InDesign – Introductory (1 hr)
INFT 127: Adobe Photoshop – Introductory (1 hr)
INFT 151: Mobile Media Techniques (1 hr)
INFT 152: Social Media Tools – Introductory (1 hr) 
A total of 3 credits must be completed to apply INFT 126, 127, 151, or 152 toward the General Education requirement.
INFT 241: CompTIA A+: Comp. Hardware & Op. Sys. Cert.

University Core Competencies

UNIV 101: University Core Competencies

Information Literacy


INQR 101: Inquiry 101

Composition Elective Options

ARTS 209: Art as Communication (HFA)
ENGL 102: Composition & Literature (HFA)
MUSC 200: Music, Art, Worship & Culture (HFA)

Information Literacy Elective Options

CSIS 110: Introduction to Computing Sciences
CSIS 111: Introduction to Programming
CSIS 112: Advanced Programming
GEOG 200: Introduction to Geography (SBS)
HIEU 201: History of Western Civilization I (SBS)
HIEU 202: History of Western Civilization II (SBS)
HLTH 216: Personal Health (SBS)
HIUS 221: Survey of American History I or (SBS)
HIUS 223: Survey of American History I (On Site) (SBS)
HIUS 222: Survey of American History II (SBS)
HIUS 341: History of American Politics (SBS)
HIUS 360: History of American Entrepreneurship (SBS)
HIUS 380: Modern American Military History (SBS)
HIWD 370: Comparative Civilizations (SBS)

Critical Thinking


RSCH 201: Research 201

Literature Elective Options

ARTS 205: 20th – 21st Century Art (HFA)
ARTS 214: Art, Culture & Technology (HFA)
ENGL 201: American Literature I (HFA)
ENGL 202: American Literature II (HFA)
ENGL 215: English Literature I (HFA)
ENGL 216: English Literature II (HFA)
ENGL 221: World Literature I (HFA)
ENGL 222: World Literature II (HFA)
MUSC 213: Survey of Popular/Jazz Music Lit. (HFA)
MUSC 314: Music in World Cultures (HFA)
MUSC 371: Survey of Songwriting Literature (HFA)

Christian Life and Thought

BIBL 105: Old Testament Survey (HFA)
BIBL 110: New Testament Survey (HFA)
EVAN 101: Evangelism and Christian Life (HFA)
RLGN 105: Intro to Biblical Worldviews/Contemporary Moral Issues (HFA)
THEO 201: Theology Survey I (HFA)
THEO 202: Theology Survey II (HFA)

Cultural Studies Elective Options

APOL 201: Apologetics & Cultural Engagement (HFA)
ARTS 105: Art Appreciation (HFA)
CINE 101: Cinematic Arts Appreciation I (HFA)
CSTU 101: Western Culture OR (HFA)
CSTU 102: The Humanities Abroad (HFA)
GLST 290: Cultural Anthropology (HFA)
MUSC 103: Music Appreciation (HFA)
MUSC 311: Music History (Antiquity – 1750) (HFA)
MUSC 312: Music History (Since 1750) (HFA)
MUSC 313: History of Music & Worship (HFA)
THEA 101: Theatre Appreciation (HFA)
YOUT 220: Global Youth Culture (HFA)

Social Science Elective Options

BUSI 223: Personal Finance (NSM)
BUSI 240: Organizational Behavior 1 (SBS)
ECON 110: Survey of Economics (NSM)
ECON 213: Principles of Microeconomics (NSM)
ECON 214: Principles of Macroeconomics (NSM)
GOVT 200: Constitutional Gov’t. & Free Enterprise (SBS)
GOVT 210: Introduction to Political Science (SBS)
GOVT 220: American Government (SBS)
PSYC 101: General Psychology (SBS)
PSYC 150: Psychology of Relationship Development (SBS)
PSYC 210: Developmental Psychology (SBS)
SOCI 200: Introduction to Sociology (SBS)
SOCI 201: Social Problems (SBS)

Philosophy Elective Options

PHIL 201: Philosophy & Contemporary Ideas (HFA)

Liberal Arts Focus

Required in Bachelor of Arts Decrees.

Language Elective Options

ASLI: American Sign Language (HFA)
CGRM: Conversational German (HFA)
CHIN: Chinese (HFA)
CSPA: Conversational Spanish (HFA)
FREN: French (HFA)
GREK: Greek (HFA)
GRMN: German (HFA)
HBRW: Hebrew (HFA)
RUSS: Russian (HFA)
SPAN: Spanish (HFA)

Integrative Courses

BWVW 301: Biblical Worldview Seminar (HFA)
CINE 340: Theology & Cinema (Course currently offered in online format only.) (HFA)
CSTU 301: Film as Art (HFA)
CSTU 310: Religion & the Arts in Western Culture (HFA)
ENGL 405: Literature of the Bible (HFA)
ENGL 442: Musical Theatre (HFA)
ENGL 460: Christian Literature (HFA)
ENGL 462: Religious Issues in Dramatic Literature (HFA)
ETHM 411: Music & Culture (HFA)
GEOG 410: Global Issues in Geography (SBS)
HIEU 466: Renaissance & Reformation Europe (SBS)
HIUS 445: Reagan’s America (SBS)
HLTH 400: Contemporary Health Issues (SBS)
INDS 499: Washington Fellowship Seminar
MUSC 424: Arts in Global Outreach (HFA)
NASC 315: Environmental Science (NSM)
PHIL 429: The Thought of St. Augustine (HFA)
PHIL 465: The Thought of C.S. Lewis (HFA)
PHIL 468: The Thought of J.R.R. Tolkien (HFA)
PHSC 310: Astronomy: An Integrated Approach (NSM)
SPAN 324: Christianity in Latin America (SBS)
THEO 324: Theology of Suffering & Disability (HFA)
THEO 340: Theology & Politics (HFA)

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