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Benefits of the QEP

Student Opportunities

Research shows that students who participate in research opportunities during their academic careers:

  • Have higher academic achievement
  • Have better critical thinking and communication skills
  • Are more likely to complete their degrees
  • Are more competitive in the job market 

As result of the QEP actions, all students will have opportunities for:

  • Faculty-mentored research 
  • Grant funding for research projects & travel 

Terminal degree students will have:

  • Opportunities to be mentored by experts in the discipline
  • Better preparation for their capstone research project: thesis, directed research project, and dissertation
  • Publication opportunities 
  • Research assistant opportunities
  • Extracurricular research and scholarship training, tutoring, and consulting opportunities

A research-focused QEP will improve:

  • Reputation of the university
  • Rigor of academic programs

Faculty Engagment

  • Research and scholarship opportunities