Liberty University's QEP Focus

Understanding the Quality Enhancement Plan

SACSCOC Requirement

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a course of action developed and implemented by the University every five years to enhance student learning and to fulfill a reaccreditation requirement from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Improves Student Learning

The QEP is grounded in Liberty University’s mission and purpose, which emphasizes the importance of helping students to develop knowledge, skills, and behaviors to impact their workplaces, their communities, and the world in accordance with their Christian faith and worldview. This emphasis includes assisting undergraduate students in developing competence in scholarship, research, and communication, as well as in the related skill sets of critical thinking and information literacy.

The QEP focus on research and scholarship also aligns with the 2014-2017 strategic plan. The six themes for the Strategic Plan indicate the main goals for Liberty University.  Three of these themes are directly related to the QEP initiative.

Advancing Academic Reputation

  • The efforts a university makes to increase the quality of curriculum, instruction, academic scholarship, and research. This results in higher levels of learning and academic achievement among current students and alumni, which is widely recognized by the community, prospective employers, benchmark institutions, and pertinent stakeholders. This is the foundation for developing and promoting the university as a top educational brand.

Capitalizing on Human Potential

  • The efforts a university makes to recruit highly qualified and innovative personnel and provide them with opportunities to achieve their full potential through training and professional development. Employees are encouraged to utilize their skills to the best of their ability by providing them with a safe and secure work environment. This utilization will provide opportunities for these individuals to fulfill their own mission in life.

Fostering an Integration of Christian Worldview

  • The efforts a university makes toward the intentional blending of a Christian worldview emphasis within the breadth of academic, administrative, and student support departments and their respective programs, services, and activities. This impacts the strategies, policies, and procedures utilized by the university. Further, encouraging an extension of the Christian worldview to all areas within the institution prepares staff, faculty, and students to impact their local community and the world.

Making an intentional effort to blend a Christian worldview in all academic curriculum and optimizing human capital through hiring and training faculty to equip students for academic and professional success are deliberate themes in the strategic plan. These themes build upon the founder’s vision for the University to become a distinguished institution. Locating research within the curriculum, as the QEP proposes, builds on the University’s historic strengths, ideological and philosophical commitments, and evangelical mission in the areas of teaching and learning, while also enabling the University to improve its productivity level and public reputation in the areas of research and scholarship.