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Executive Summary

The focus of Liberty University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is “to improve graduate student writing.”

The process of deciding on and developing the QEP focus involved discussions across the entire campus community—faculty, staff, students and administration—over an extended period of time. That process revealed a concern about student writing skills in general, and graduate student writing skills in particular.

The Quality Enhancement Plan begins with an overview of the University’s institutional characteristics, mission, and goals, along with the institutional commitment to the QEP. It then uses research—both internal and external to the university—to demonstrate the legitimacy of this concern with respect to graduate student writing and ultimately, the feasibility of making that concern the focus for the QEP.

The QEP is a five-year plan that involves two primary objectives. The first targets graduate students directly with the aim of improving their writing; the second focuses on support for graduate faculty as they assess and assist students in their writing. These two objectives—along with the corollary learning outcomes, intervention and assessment strategies—are presented in Chapters II and IV. Concomitantly, Chapter III outlines the five support strategies determined to be necessary for successful implementation of the QEP.

The implementation plan for the QEP is presented in five phases, one phase for each of the next five years. A detailed chart describes the strategies, assessment and evaluation plan for each year. This is followed by a presentation of the QEP Management Plan and Budget, including the personnel and institutional support for implementing the plan.