Center for Music and Worship


The Center for Music and Worship seeks to equip worship leaders for the evangelical community.


  1. Develop and standardize undergraduate and graduate college curricula for training leaders of music and worship in the evangelical community (Important -- This is training of worship leaders specifically for the local evangelical church).
  2. Center for Music and WorshipDevelop and nurture venues for continuing education of church musicians (lay and professional) in the local evangelical church; 
  3. Discover and develop avenues for facilitating, encouraging, and promoting publishing and recording of music based on the dynamic needs in the local church; 
  4. Nurture and train young artists as professionals through local church ministry;
  5. Develop and participate in empirical research focused on the needs of music and worship in the local evangelical church. 

The Center for Music and Worship provides Liberty University the unique opportunity to influence the growth, continuing development, and preservation of music and worship in the evangelical tradition. The Center serves as a national platform for the assimilation, evaluation, application and articulation of issues related to the training of worship leaders. This vision is consistent with the Liberty University mission and provides opportunity for students to:

To learn more about how we have created our vision, visit our Advisory Council page.