Worship Internships

With a mission to Train Champions for Christ in all fields of study, Liberty University’s Center for Music and Worship holds at its core the desire to train and equip worship leaders for the evangelical community. The Center for Music and Worship students are a part of a movement devoted to teaching God’s people of the twenty-first century how to worship in spirit and truth. The need for students to acquire practical, hands-on experience is a natural extension of the worship degree. An internship is the summit of the student’s preparation and is essential to their development in becoming a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Students have served in churches in more than twenty-five states as well as, Korea, Germany, Asia, Africa, and Canada. Our desire is to serve the Church, both locally and globally. 

The internship is a win-win opportunity for students and local ministries. Our internships allow churches, ministers of music, pastors, and congregations to invest in the lives of some of the brightest and most gifted musicians. This internship also clearly benefits our students as it provides much needed opportunities for them to be mentored and trained by professionals in ministry. This ten-week mentoring experience is strategically designed for churches seeking to engage aspiring worship leaders in meaningful ministry opportunities.

More Information

“We believe God's calling on worship leaders includes responding to the demands of a broad, culturally diverse evangelical community. This calling is not based on stylistic musical preference. Rather, it is founded on this principle: When God calls a person to lead worship; He calls them to meet the worship needs of His people - young and old alike.” – Dr. Vernon Whaley, Dean of the Liberty University School of Music