University Bands Ministries


The Dept. of University Bands is excited to announce several ministry opportunities for band members to be involved in, during this Spring semster of 2014! Below you will find details about each of these new opportunities along with links for easy sign up for these ministries online!

It is our goal that through these ministries, each member would be edified and strengthened with their relationship with Christ. Our band has always integrated faith into everything we do as a program and these ministry opportunities will further the history of the importance of our faith in Jesus Christ to the Dept. of University Bands. 

These Ministries Include:

Bible Study Ministry

The Dept. of University Bands is excited to announce a new format for Band Bible Study. The study will available to all band members allowing for a time of corporate worship and study of God's Word. It will occur starting February 2, 2014 at 6:00 PM located in PA 113. 

This semester we will be going through a two session study (each six weeks in length) from "Bible Studies for Life". The sessions are as follows: 

  1. Productive: Finding Joy in What We Do (Video) -  This is a study that aims to direct our hearts back to who we really work for. It points us how to not simply be busy but productive and joyful for the kingdom! 
  2. Let Hope In (Video): Hope changes everything. A hope-filled life but it doesn't mean a problem free life, but it can give you joy and persepctive no matter what is going on in or around you. Let Hope In! 

*You can purchase a copy of the personal study guide for use throughout the semester for only $2.30. Both the HCSB and NIV translations are available. You may do so here.*

Worship Ministry

The Liberty University Dept. of University Bands has been blessed to maintain a strong practice of lifting up the name of Christ though worship. These include: 

  1. Rehearsal Devotions: Each week an officer of the band brings a devotion to the band from what God has been actively doing in their life. Doing so guides the band as a whole to recognize that our program exists to bring God glory and honor wherever we perform. 
  2. Game Day Devotions:  Before every home football game, the marching band brings in a guest speaker from the faculty of Liberty University to address the band. The time is opened up with corporate worship led by the Chaplain of the band and then handed to the guest speaker to bring a message from God's Word. Popular guest speakers of the recent past have included: Dr. Elmer Towns (Professor of Religion and Co-Founder of Liberty University), Dr. David Wheeler (Professor of Evangelism and Director of the Center for Ministry Training), Dr. Robert Van Engen (Assistant Professor of Biblical Worldview and Assistant Director of Christian/Community Service), and Pastor Jonathan Falwell (Senior Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church). 
  3. Worship Team Ministry: This is a team of people who audition out of the Dept. of University Bands to lead the band in worship at the beginning of each Bible Study (see section above). They also are tasked with putting together a night of worship with around 30 minutes of praise music for one night later in the semester. 

Prayer Ministry

The Dept. of University Bands believes that it is absolutely essential that each of its members must be prayed for daily. There is a team of people called "Prayer Warriors" who volunteer to receive a copy of the roster as well as any prayer updates possible. This team of people also meets together weekly to pray as a team and prayer walk the Band facilities to pray for God's continued power and blessing. 

There can never be too many prayer warriors so if you are interested in becoming one, you can easily sign up online!

If you have any questions, please contact Molly Ketcham at

Witnessing/Servant Evangelism Ministry

The Dept. of University Bands desires to not only to perform for a great crowd, it also desires to share it's faith in the process. This ministry is directed to the greater community of the city of Lynchburg. Students of the program will have the opportunity to serve in many ways, opening the door for them to share their faith and learn keys to holding intentional conversations with anyone they meet.