Ministry and Organization Internship Information

About the Program

The internship is the capstone course for students completing a degree with the School of Music.  In general, it includes approximately 400 hours of supervised experience in an approved organization.  Students shadow an intern mentor as he or she fulfills the daily functions of career and ministry.  Students are discipled in leadership and spiritual development while learning to assist in the practical aspect of working in his or her field of study. 

Securing an Intern

The process for securing an intern is simple, but begins nearly a year before the internship starts.


  • Students prepare a resume, cover letter and video to submit to potential internship sites.  Students also participate in local ministries to prepare for the upcoming internship.
  • Intern Hosts complete a questionnaire, explaining the types of interns that would most likely fit their church or organization’s needs.


  • The School of Music identifies potential student/church matches and sends the student’s information to the intern host for final approval. 
  • The intern host interviews the student, usually via phone or Skype, and determines whether he or she would like to host the intern.
  • Once a match is agreed upon, the intern host notifies the School of Music and the student of his or her acceptance.  The student is registered for the MUSC 499 Internship class and will receive a grade for his or her performance during the internship.


  • The intern host will provide a job description to the intern and the School of Music.
  • The student intern will work with the intern host to finalize start and end dates, housing and meal accommodations and travel arrangements.

Complete the Intern Request Form

Intern Host Requirements

Student interns travel across the country to be a part of the internship experience.  In addition to working with the host church or organization, the student also pays tuition in order to receive academic credit for his or her internship.  The requirements listed below are ways the intern host can help the student intern meet academic requirements, develop spiritual maturity, and relieve financial burden.

  • Provide a 40 hour/10 week Internship for the student intern
  • Disciple the student intern through practical training and spiritual development
  • Complete online evaluations of the student intern
  • Provide living accommodations and meals for the student intern (usually in a host home)
  • Compensation of the student intern is highly encouraged, though not required

Job Descriptions for Interns

Suggested experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Crafting worship services through organization, planning, and collaboration
  • Rehearsing choirs, ensembles, praise teams, or praise bands
  • Singing with praise teams and/or playing with praise bands
  • Assisting in preparation and presentation of worship through video, computer, and audio
  • Participating in songwriting sessions with writers and musicians
  • Assisting with studio recordings of church worship songs and albums
  • Leading and/or planning aspects of musical worship for children, students, women, missions or other church ministries and groups


Intern hosts have a unique opportunity to disciple the next generation of worship leaders and musicians.  This is a chance to pass along practical leadership skills while pouring into the spiritual life of the student intern. Each intern host is uniquely gifted and is encouraged to Biblically disciple his or her student intern in whichever way he or she sees fit.  Some suggestions for discipleship include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting weekly for prayer/devotional reading/Q &A
  • Inviting the student intern to follow you throughout the day, explaining the processes of your day and the wisdom needed to complete each task.
  • Study leadership together by reading through Scripture or a book study
  • Set up meetings for the student intern with other church leaders who have wisdom and insights to share.


  • How long will it take to match my church with an intern? The process of placement begins the fall semester prior to the summer internship.  Intern hosts may request interns from September-January, prior to the summer internship. The School of Music aims to place all students with intern hosts by the end of March.
  • What if the intern match I am given does not suit my needs? We want the internship experience to be mutually edifying for both the student and intern host.  If the School of Music matches you with an intern whom you do not believe would be a good fit for your church or organization, simply contact us.  We will do our best to match you with another student.
  • Can I have more than one intern? Yes.  Many churches request multiple interns.  If there are several students who match your requests and positions are available, you may host more than one intern.
  • Am I guaranteed an intern? No. While we are eager to partner with as many churches as possible, the internship experience must be impactful for both the student and the intern host.  If there are no matches for your ministry, you will be notified that you will not be receiving an intern.  However, your ministry will be considered for an intern in the following years.
  • When will my intern arrive? Internships usually take place during the summer. The specific starting/end weeks are up to you.
  • Will my intern have a car? Perhaps.  Most interns are able to travel to their internship site with a car.  However, this is not always the case.  If your internship requires the intern have their own car, please note this in the initial questionnaire.  If you are able to provide transportation for the intern, please note this as well.  This will help us send you the best intern matches.
  • What rules are in place for interns? In addition to Biblical principles and the guidelines set forth by the host church, Liberty interns abide by The Liberty Way (sign-in required), Liberty University’s student honor code. 
  • What if there is a problem with my intern? While problems with interns are rare, we are all human.  If you experience an escalated behavioral problem with an intern, please contact the Director of Practica at or 434-592-5569.  We would be glad to advise you on the next steps in resolving the problem.
  • Are interns available for hire? Yes!  We love it when you hire our students.  While some interns will have one more year of college level classes to complete, many courses can be completed online.  In many cases, interns have been able to begin work immediately following the internship or just one semester later.
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