Contact a Graduate Admissions Advisor


Dr. Terrell L. Elam

Dean of Admissions

Hometown:  Lebanon, MO

Family:  I have my wife Robyn, three daughters (Sandra Lynn, Amanda Joy and Jessica Diane) and seven grandchildren (Shaun Michael, Matthew, Chai, Michala, Mark Jr., Nora, and Ricky Jr.).

Favorite Place on Campus: My favorite place on campus would be the Vines Center when convocation take place with the largest gathering of Christian young people on a weekly basis.

Favorite Lynchburg Restaurant: I would have to say Little Caesar’s.

What advice do you give future students? To pay attention to what God is doing in your life, who God is bringing across your path and the small still voice that speaks Truth.

Heather Cihak

Assistant Director of Graduate Advisors

Hometown: Lynchburg, Virginia

Family: Eldest of Five Children

Favorite Place on Campus: The Snowflex Lodge – a great place to watch the sunset!

Favorite Lynchburg Restaurant: Waterstone Pizza

Why did you choose to attend Liberty University?  When I was in middle school, my father graduated from Liberty University with a Masters in Theology. Liberty is a wonderful university seeking to train men and women to grow spiritually, mentally and physically to reach the world for Christ. I wanted to come to Liberty University to receive this educational experience.

Beth Adkins

Coordinator of Resident Graduate Recruitment


Hometown: Rocky Mount, VA

Family: My amazing husband, Chris, a spoiled Golden Retriever, Rosalyn, and a big wonderful family back home.

Favorite restaurant in Lynchburg: Rivermont Pizza! Great appetizers and pizza.

What advice do you give future Graduate students of Liberty University? Plan to work hard, but know that you will have an incredible support system here at Liberty University. You and your classmates are working toward the same goal, so don't forget to utilize all of the resources available to you and make some long-lasting connections along the way.

Graduate Admissions Advisors

Steven Brondyke

Resident Graduate Admissions Advisor (Last Name A-F)


Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Family: I have been married to my beautiful wife, Amanda, since October 5, 2013. My parents, Steven Sr. and Lisa, are wonderful, Godly role models in my life. My brother, Grant is five years younger than me and has always been one of my very best friends.

Favorite restaurant in Lynchburg: The Depot Grille or La Villa

Why did you choose to attend Liberty University? I chose to attend here because I wanted to receive a world-class education taught from a distinctly Christian perspective. From the first time I stepped on campus, I knew that God's hand of blessing was ever-present at Liberty, and I wanted to be a part of what He was doing here. After graduation, I decided to stay as a graduate student and a full time staff member. I believe so strongly in Liberty's mission to train Champions for Christ, I wanted to be able to help other students pursue their passions and have the same, life-changing college experience I was able to have.

Emilie Cubino

Resident Graduate Admissions Advisor


Hometown: Braselton, GA

Family: My husband

Favorite Place on Campus: The Library!

What sets Liberty University apart from other schools? Dr. Falwell said, “If it’s Christian, it should be better.” In my experience at a Christian college and in ministry, I have found that sometimes Christians equate being lenient in course requirements or deadlines with showing Christian kindness or charity. However, Liberty sets the bar high and requires its students to rise to a higher standard than most universities, secular or Christian. Ultimately, Liberty’s students leave better prepared for life and the real world, as well as to do ministry (in whatever field they choose).

Taylor Curtis

Resident Graduate Admissions Advisor (Last name F-M)


Hometown: Noblesville, Indiana

Family: Husband- Micah Curtis, Parents- Scott and Jo Bowles, Sister- Meghan, Brother- Gunnar

Favorite Place on campus: Snowflex Lodge

Favorite Lynchburg restaurant: Robin Alexander’s

Why did you choose to attend Liberty University? I Chose Liberty because out of all the college campuses I had visited, this was the only place where I really felt the Lord calling me to go. There is an unexplainable feeling that I got when I first stepped foot onto campus. I could not deny where God was calling me to go!

Katherine Martin

Resident Graduate Admissions Advisor


Hometown:  Lynchburg, VA

Favorite Place on Campus: The Library—I just like books!

Favorite Lynchburg Restaurant:  Probably Panera Bread…I really like the soup and salad combos there.

What sets Liberty University apart from other schools?  The Christian education that refuses to sacrifice the quality education employers are looking for and the competitive edge with the Ivy Leagues.

What advice do you give future students?  It’s more of a challenge—to find the perfect balance of work and play. Studying hard is great but with all the events and things to do on campus, it’d be best to take some time and enjoy those offerings.  

Mikayla Parlos

Resident Graduate Admissions Advisor (International Graduate Students)


Hometown: Monroe, NC

Family: Husband, Fred, and puppy named Nahla

Favorite Place on campus: The Monogram, because of the great view of Lynchburg. Hike up and watch a sunset.

Favorite Lynchburg restaurant: Waterstone Pizza

Why did you choose to attend Liberty University? I chose to attend Liberty University because of the genuine faculty and students that I met on my first visit to campus. I knew that I wanted a Christian environment and education, and Liberty met all of my expectations.

Andrew Rose

Resident Graduate Admissions Advisor


Hometown:  St. Louis, Missouri

Favorite Place on Campus: New intermural fields on Candler’s Mountain

Favorite Lynchburg Restaurant:  The Blue Dahlia

Why did you choose to attend Liberty University? I attended Liberty University because I felt that God was pulling me to attend the school. I was an athlete in High School and had multiple offers to continue my athletic career else ware; however, I loved Liberty’s campus and the opportunity to gain a college education with a spiritual influence was very important to me. Liberty was the only school I actually applied to officially and was accepted provisionally before I started my senior year of High School. The rest is history.

Sandra Wallace

Resident Graduate Admissions Advisor (Last Name N-Z)


Hometown: Asheville, NC

Family: Husband Matt, and our Yorkie-Poo, Bailey

Favorite Place on campus: The Tower Theatre! Our Theatre department is full of talented students and their productions are always enjoyable.

Favorite Lynchburg restaurant: Robin Alexander Bistro

Why did you choose to attend Liberty University? I chose to attend Liberty University when I attended a College For A Weekend event as a junior in high school. I knew I wanted to go to a Christian school and was thoroughly impressed with Liberty's commitment to glorify God. I quickly realized at CFAW that Liberty was going to give me an amazing college experience when I would grow not only academically, but spiritually as well.

Peter Young

Resident Graduate Admissions Advisor


Hometown:  Been around the world as a Military Brat.

Family:  One of six, now Married with 2 kids

Favorite Place on Campus:  the Reading Atrium in the Library

Favorite Lynchburg Restaurant: The White Hart

What advice do you give future students?  Be sure to make time for the LORD while you’re here (I recommend going to the Library, most of your friends won’t be there so bring your Bible, Journal and any other devotional items you may need) and never underestimate the power to be had from prayer and fasting!