Creation Studies

Creation Studies Minor

The minor in Creation Studies provides a flexible program with a broad training in scientific disciplines that relate to origins as well as the Bible. Students in science or non-science majors can benefit from the in-depth study of creation and evolution.

Creation Studies Minor (20 hours)


  • History of Life : CRST 290
  • Origins: CRST 390
  • Genesis: BIBL 410

Choose 3 courses from:

  • Elements of Earth Science/Lab: PHSC 210/211
  • Astronomy: An Integrated Approach: PHSC 310
  • Cell Biology: BIOL 415
  • Principles of Human Biology/Lab: BIOL 102/104**
  • General Biology II: BIOL 225**
  • Human Anatomy/Physiology I/II/Lab: BIOL 213/214/215/216**
  • Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates: BIOL 321**

See the Residential minor course requirements list for official requirements.

**Only one of these courses will count toward the minor. If BIOL 213/214 /215/216 is selected, students must take all courses, but only 4 credits count toward the minor.

Program Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a consistent, biblical worldview regarding origins.
  • Explain key scientific evidences and arguments used to support the theory of evolution as well as difficulties with the theory.
  • Provide scientific and biblical arguments in support