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Annual Fashion Show

8th Annual: Go Green, Go Glam

April 12, 2014 at 8:00PM in the Schilling Center

"Going green" is a trend that is taking the fashion industry by storm! Designers today are stretching themselves outside the box of conventional design. No longer are they just relying on the fabric stores to provide the materials for their pieces, but second hand stores, recycled materials, bottle caps, and paper. They are taking these pieces, which already have a designed purpose, and repurposing them to create bold, new fashion trends. The options at ones finger tips are literally endless.

The purpose of this year's show, Go Green, Go Glam, is to give the student designers a chance to express their talents, as well as support Channel Initiative, which aims to build hope among the undeserved women and children in the war-torn and rebel-controlled Democratic Republic of Congo

All fashion garments are designed and constructed by Liberty University students.


  • $7 in Advance
  • $9 at the Door
  • $10 for VIP

Purchase Tickets Online or pick them up at the Vine's Center!

The 2014 Liberty Fashion Show proudly supports Channel Initiative

Note from our Charity:

Our mission is to reach and respond to the urgent needs of under-served, vulnerable populations worldwide. 

We do this through creating a forum for nonprofit organizations, mission-minded businesses, churches, governments and activists around the world to
collaborate and channel resources into creating the most effective, locally-owned and empowerment-focused solutions to the most pressing needs of the most at-risk people worldwide.

We believe that one of the keys to rebuilding peace in the DRC is to empower women to become full actors in their communities.

Health is our platform to do just that, to restore community and rebuild hope. Together with Panzi Foundation DRC, we are working to scale their unique holistic care model into this rural and under-reached area, so that women and their families will finally have access to high quality primary health care that does not only treat, but restores.