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Dress Code

Students of the Helms School of Government are frequently given the opportunity to interact with leaders in government, professional disciplines and military service. In response, on Sept. 11, 2009, the Helms School announced the adoption of a Helms School of Government Dress Code. The spirit of the dress code is adherence to a business professional appearance, with special attention to modesty. This enhanced standard has been reviewed by the University administration, and is authorized under the provisions of the Liberty Way.

Dress Code FAQs for Helms School of Government

The Helms School Dress Code

You can find a copy here

Who does this apply to?

This dress code applies to the following students:

  • Attending any 300- and 400-level Helms School of Government class (CJUS/GOVT) that convene before 5:00 p.m., including weekend classes/seminars.
  • Attending any university or club function held in the Helms School of Government suite, regardless of time of day.

What if I have a CJUS/GOVT class that meets after 5:00 p.m.?

For 300- and 400-level classes that meet after 5:00 p.m., students shall follow the dress code standards set forth in the Liberty Way.

What about hats, caps or shorts?

Hats, caps or shorts are never acceptable inside any classroom or the Helms School suite.

What about Red Shirts for University events?

University established “spirit day” dress for students is permitted.

What about ROTC cadets?

Military service uniforms, worn in compliance with DoD standards, are always appropriate and welcome in the Helms School.

When does this take effect, and what happens if I violate the policy?

After Jan. 1, 2010, any student found in violation of this University approved dress code may be reported to the Student Conduct Office.

Additionally, the student may be asked to leave the class, exam or function and considered absent, as appropriate.