Teaching Faculty

Over 40 Honors seminars are taught by our senior faculty, over 80% of whom possess a doctorate in their teaching discipline.

Dr. David Beck, Professor of Philosophy, Ph.D., Boston University
Dr. Timothy R. Brophy, Associate Professor of Biology, Ph.D., George Mason University
Prof. Catherine A. Buck, Assistant Professor of Business Management Information Systems, M.B.A., Liberty University
Dr. Joshua D. Chatraw, Associate Professor of Theology and Divinity, Ph.D., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary    
Dr. Joel Cox, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University
Dr. Carl Curtis, Professor of English, Ph.D., University of Dallas
Prof. Donna Davis Donald, Assistant Professor of History, M.A., University of North Carolina
Prof. Scott Ehrhorn, Assistant Professor of Business, M.B.A., University of Maryland
Dr. Kahlib Fischer, Associate Professor of Government, Ph.D., Regent University
Dr. Fabio Freyre, Associate Professor of Psychology, Ed.D., Argosy University
Dr. Marilyn Gadomski, Assistant Director, Professor Psychology, Ph.D., Virginia Tech
Dr. Cynthia Goodrich, Professor of Nursing, Ed.D., University of Virginia
Dr. Mark Harris, Professor of English, Ph.D., Lehigh University
Dr. Harvey D. Hartman, Professor of Biblical Studies, Th.D., Grace Theological Seminary
Dr. Craig Quentin Hinkson, Professor of Theology and Philosophy, Ph.D., University of Chicago Divinity School
Dr. Michael Scott Jones, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Ph.D., Temple University
Dr. Ji Chan J Kim, Instructor of Psychology, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Prof. Samuel Landa, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, M.A. Liberty University  
Prof. James L. Long, Assistant Professor of Engineering & Computational Sciences, M.E.M., Old Dominion University
Dr. Donald R. Love, Assistant Professor of Religion, Ph.D.,  Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Dr. Thomas J. Metallo,  Professor of Government, Ph.D., University of Miami
Dr. John Morrison, Professor of Theology, Ph.D., University of Virginia
Prof. Christopher M. Nelson, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, M.F.A., Regent University  
Dr. James H. Nutter, Honors Director, Professor of English, D.A., University of Mississippi 
Dr. Randall P. Pruitt, Professor of Communication Studies,  Ph.D., Bowling Green State University
Dr. Nancy A. Richardson, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Ph.D., University of Georgia
Prof. Robert F. Ritchie, Assistant Professor of Geography and History, M.A., American Military University
Dr. Paul Sattler, Professor of Biology, Ph.D., Texas Tech University
Dr. David Schweitzer, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Ph.D., Lehigh University
Dr. James D. Siddons, Professor of Music, Ph.D., North Texas University
Dr. David E. Towles  Associate Professor of English, Ph.D., University of Kentucky
Dr. Timothy Van Voorhis, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Ph.D., University of Wyoming    
Dr. Lorene M. Wales, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Regent University
Dr. David A. Wheeler, Professor of Evangelism and Student Ministries, Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Dr. Branson Woodard, Professor of English, D.A., Middle Tennessee State University