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Study Tours - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Study Tour?

A study tour is a short-term study abroad opportunity that last anywhere from one week to a month. It is faculty-led by a Liberty University residential professor and allows students the chance to experience study abroad for a shorter period of time than traditional semester or yearlong program.

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Who can participate in a Study Tour?

Any Liberty University residential or online student, faculty, or staff member can participant in one of these short-term trips. These opportunities are available to anyone interested within the Liberty University community but each trip is designed for a specific degree program and courses vary depending upon the faculty leader.

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Can a Liberty University Online student participate?

Yes, online students are encouraged to participate in Study Tours and engage with our other online and resident students who are on the trip, which is led by a resident professor. Online students are also welcome to participate in our traditional semester or yearlong study abroad programs with international universities.

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Do I receive full credit for the class if I take it as a Study Tour?

Yes! You will receive the full 3 credit hours for a class taken as a Study Tour, just as you would if it were taken residentially or online. The course syllabus and coursework will simply change to fit around the abroad experience.  

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Should I register for the class myself on ASIST?

No, you should not register for the class yourself until directed to do so. The professor will tell you the specific procedure needed for your individual trip. However, either the professor will work directly with the Registrar’s Office or Academic Advising to give permission to register you for the class, or the Study Abroad office will take care of registration. You will be notified of how to be properly registered during the application process.

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Can Financial Aid pay for the course?

Financial aid can pay for the credits received for the course. Once registered, the course will show up on your ASIST account as normal. You can use any financial aid, grants, loans or scholarships to pay for the tuition by going through regular Financial Check-In process. 

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Can Financial Aid pay for the trip fees?

No, financial aid cannot cover the cost of trip fees (airfare, excursion, tickets, meals, etc.). This is an expense that you will need to pay for separately using the Study Abroad Payment Portal.

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Will I still need to do coursework on the trip for the class?

Yes, coursework is often required for students who would like to receive credit for a Study Tour. This can vary from trip to trip, depending on the professor. Most professors will ask that you complete some pre- and post-trip coursework, which is often done Blackboard. Upon acceptance into a trip, the syllabus will be provided to you, along with the coursework requirements and deadlines.

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What does the cost of the Study Tour include?

This varies depending on the Study Tour you choose. All will include accommodations, international travel and medical insurance, educational excursions, and in-country travel. The majority of trips will have some or all meals covered as well. A few of the trips will require the student to purchase their own airfare, since online students will be traveling from around the world.

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Can I bring a family member or a spouse?

Yes, students can often sign up to bring a spouse or family member over the age of 18. Please note, all trips are first come, first serve to students participating in coursework. However, if there is still room available a student can apply to bring a relative over the age of 18.

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Will there be students of all ages on these trips?

Yes, many trips will have students of all ages attending. Liberty has a large population of residential and online students that gives us a wonderful opportunity to have a variety of students on a single trip.

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What if I pay my deposit but then decide not to attend?

All payments are non-refundable. If you cannot attend a trip, we ask that you let us know before the deadline of the first payment.

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Do I pay Liberty University for the trip or do I pay an outside vendor?

All trip participants are required to make their payments to Liberty University through our online study abroad payment portal.

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