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International Academic Tours

Please note: If you are already enrolled at the maximum credits for full time status during the term of the study tour, you will need to consider adjusting your schedule or will need to appeal to the Registrar’s Office if you are within the required GPA level for overload approval.

Short-Term Academic Trips

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Liberty University provides you with an eclectic range of abroad travel opportunities, commonly referred to as study tours, lasting one to three weeks. Study Tours are faculty led by a Liberty University residential professor and is open to residential or online students, faculty, and staff. These opportunities are available to anyone interested within the Liberty University community but each trip is designed for a specific degree program and courses vary depending upon the faculty leader.

Course Credit

These trips are intentionally geared to promote academic, professional, and spiritual growth in your residential or online studies. Students can receive the full 3 credit hours for a class taken as a Study Tour. The course syllabus will simply change to fit around the abroad experience.

Trip Cost

Those receiving course credit through the Academic Tour will be responsible for paying for the credits, as well as the trip fees (airfare, excursions, tickets, meals, etc.). Financial Aid can be applied towards the cost of the credits but not the trip fees. Payments are processed through the Payment Portal.

Travel Information

See travel information to learn more about what to expect when going on an international academic tour.

Upcoming International Academic Tours

Feel free to contact the departments and their representatives for more information!

Tour Dates Department Contact/Trip Website
Greece May 15-26, 2016 College of General Studies

Guatemala Spanish Internship May 15-July 10, 2016 Spanish Institute Trip Website
Ireland/Scotland May 15-25, 2016 College of General Studies
Budapest, Salzburg, Prague May 16-25, 2016 School of Music Trip Website
Israel June 1-9, 2016 College of Arts/Sciences Trip Website
London/Amsterdam June 3-12, 2016 College of General Studies
England/Ireland/Wales June 13-21, 2016 School of Education Trip Website
Guatemala June 25-July 2, 2016 College of Osteopathic Medicine
Athens, Greece June 26-July 5, 2016 Counseling Trip Website
Athens, Greece July 10-20, 2016 Psychology
Italy Aug. 3-12, 2016 College of General Studies


Faculty and staff interested in planning a future trip should contact their department leadership on where to submit a proposal.

Student Experience

Oxford, London, and Paris

England Study Tour

“I had the opportunity to participate in the C.S. Lewis tour to Oxford, London, and Paris. Hands down, it was one of the most memorable overseas experiences I have had. From the travel preparations to the flight experience, to historic details, down to experiences off the beaten path, Dr. Babcock and Dr. Martin organized a phenomenal trip. EF Tours was extremely accommodating and our guide was fun, personable, and very knowledgeable. I cannot say enough about my tour or the friendships that formed through it—except that I wish I could do it all again!"

~ Jenna, Class of 2014

Cheltenham, England

"Studying abroad has been an adventure of a lifetime. I cannot begin to explain how much I have learned, heard, seen, tasted, and experienced during my time overseas, and it is something that I would never take back. This has been the most unique opportunity I have ever been given and I am so thankful that I stepped out, took a chance, and came to England. I have been personally grown and challenged in so many ways, and I hope to come back to America with a whole new outlook on life; implementing all the lessons I have learned.”

~ Cherish, Class of 2014