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Study Abroad Office

About Our Office

We realize that in an increasingly global economy it is imperative that our students have access to international experience that will help them to lead in the 21st century. Studying abroad offers students a chance to serve, live and study in a setting that can broaden their intellectual horizons and expose them to other cultures in ways that are not possible at the home campus. For this reason, international experiences in a cross-cultural environment are part of Liberty University’s number-one aim, “Contribute to a knowledge and understanding of other cultures and of international events.”

Our office is here to help students select a program that best fits their educational needs. We offer both semester and summer-long programs.

For more information, please visit or contact us.

Statement of Mission and Purpose

The mission of the Study Abroad Office is to provide Liberty University students with a unique opportunity to transform their global outlook and grow in their faith while reaching their academic goals. It will also be an opportunity for the student to develop character, learn more about themselves, and form lasting relationships.

We are committed to establishing a strong study abroad program through collaborations with international program partners and future.

The Mission of the Study Abroad Office is:

  • To increase student participation in faith-based study abroad programs
  • To guide and advise students and faculty on cross-cultural overseas opportunities
  • To facilitate study abroad and ensure that all students have access to it
  • To assist faculty and administrators in establishing and promoting study abroad programs