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Pre-Law Journal

 “The purpose of the law is to prevent injustice from reigning” Frederic Bastiat

Every year in nearly every law school, a select few are chosen from among the best and the brightest law students to further their legal career as members of their institution’s law review or journal. These law journals address a general or specific area of law, for example environmental law or constitutional issues. In these journals are articles/papers written by select students and law professors. These articles go through a rigorous process before being introduced as an intellectual representation of the institution. The author goes through multiple drafts, and then multiple editors critique the article before and after the various levels of scholarly review.

It is because scholarly legal writing of this caliber is complex, in-depth, technical and requires hard work, skill and training that the Helms School of Government seeks to give our pre-law students an edge by launching an undergraduate Pre-Law Journal. We will be looking for students who would like to submit articles to the Pre-Law Journal, and for those individuals qualified to serve as student editors. If you are interested in participating please email Dr. Corey Martin.