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Law as a Vocation

 Vocation: “a summons or strong inclination to a particular state or course of action; a divine call” ~Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The law is a noble profession. I Timothy 1:8 states, “The law is good, if a man use it lawfully.” The law is the thread that runs through the fabric of society. There is no better way to affect people in their everyday life than through the law. Many people do not realize how pervasive the law is, but consider that even getting a hamburger from the local fast food joint deals with many areas of the law such as employment law, contract law, trademark law, FDA regulations, insurance law, and many more. It also touches people on a personal level when they buy a house, or create a will. The legal profession tends to get a bad reputation partly because some of its participants enter it for the wrong reasons. As in any other vocation God has called those He wants to the legal field. We need more Godly men and women who are prepared to use the law justly, and impact this world for the kingdom of Christ through the legal field.

Are you called to enter the legal profession? If you are then this site was created for you. As our motto—worldview based…critically oriented—implies, the focus of the Center for Pre-Law Studies is holistic in nature. The Center seeks to nurture the two aspects a student needs in order to be a truly successful law student. Through courses, guest speakers, and extracurricular activities, students are both immersed in the Biblical worldview, and gain the critical thinking skills crucial for the study of law. There is a plethora of information on the following webpages, but if you still have any questions or you need more advice at anytime during your undergraduate studies feel free to email Dr. Corey Martin at